Shovel Knight Dig: Every Master Argus Shovel Blade Technique (& What They Do)


Master Argus’ grave can be found near the Campfire of Shovel Knight Dig, presenting players with tests to unlock his ancient Shovel Blade Techniques.

In Shovel Knight Dig, Master Argus’ legendary Shovel Blade Techniques allow players to unlock several game-changing weapon skills. Shovel Blade Techniques can be purchased from Master Argus if this trainer appears in the Well, but more Techniques can be unlocked as players progress through the game. Three Shovel Blade Techniques are available by default when players start the game, but five additional skills can be unlocked by completing Master Argus’ tasks.


In the Surface area of Shovel Knight Dig, there’s a pile of dirt on a platform to the far left that players can interact with. Digging it up will reveal a gravestone, at which point Master Argus will appear to inform players about his heroic challenges. Master Argus’ grave does not need to be uncovered before players can start attempting his tasks, but his tombstone will conveniently keep track of which challenges have yet to be completed.

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Shovel Knight Dig players can complete Master Argus’ Tests to unlock new Shovel Blade Techniques. Once unlocked, these weapon skills can be purchased and used in a run if the undead trainer appears in one of the Well’s secret rooms. Shovel Blade Techniques purchased during a run will be lost upon death, but unlocked Techniques will continue to be available for purchase in future digs. As such, players can continue to progress through the game no matter how many times they fall in battle. Master Argus is always quick to parry the player’s attacks when they encounter him, but if they manage to land a hit, he’ll offer his Shovel Blade Techniques at a discounted price.

Shovel Knight Dig: All Shovel Blade Techniques (& How To Unlock Them)

  • Hover Air Slash: Briefly stops the player’s descent when swinging the shovel blade. Unlocked by default at the start of the game.
  • Spiral Air Slash: Aerial attack that attacks everything around the player. Unlocked by surviving Shovel Knight Dig’s Omega Saw for 60 seconds.
  • Whip Slash: Replaces dig slash with a long-range whip attack. Unlocked by shovel dropping 5 enemies without touching the ground.
  • Super Shovel Drop: Charges the player’s strength before plummeting straight down. Unlocked by default.
  • Charge Slash: Hold to unleash a powerful charged attack. Unlocked by default.
  • Charge Boomerang: Hold to throw the shovel blade in a ranged attack. Unlocked by completing a stage without shovel dropping an enemy.
  • Cyclone Slash: Replaces dig slash with a multi-direction attack. Unlocked by digging 100 times in a row without stopping.
  • Glide Cloud Drop: Allows players to float slowly to the ground. Unlocked by completing a Shovel Knight Dig stage without jumping.

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    Shovel Knight Dig brings players back into the world of indie Kickstarter success Shovel Knight in an all-new game with a unique twist. From the developers of Steamworld Dig and Shovel Knight, this new entry combines the elements of the two titles to create an action rogue-lite where players will jump, slash, and dig their way through an all-new game set in the Shovel Knight universe. When Shovel Knight is stirred from his slumber at a campsite due to his loot being stolen by Drill Knight, he grabs his trusty spade and pursues him underground. Players can play as either Shovel Knight or Shield Knight as they travel downwards in randomly generated levels where they’ll find loot and buy items to help them survive the more complex areas. In true roguelike fashion, some upgrades are permanent, but when players die, they’ll lose all their power-ups and currency. Shovel Knight Dig was released on September 23 2022.


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