She-Hulk: Who Plays Skaar, Hulk’s Son


In the shocking She-Hulk season 1 finale, Hulk reappears now with his son, Skaar, making his MCU debut, but who plays Bruce Branner’s son in She-Hulk?

In the shocking finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1, a new character debuted in the MCU, but it’s not obvious who plays Hulk’s son, Skaar. While there were many twists and turns throughout the weird but good She-Hulk finale, the cameo of Skaar broke the internet as the introduction of a new character caused a buzz. The cameo was so brief that it left many rewinding to get a better look at the new actor as they tried to figure out who plays the newest member of the Hulk family.


Skaar is played by up-and-coming actor, Wil Deusner. With such short screen time, there’s not much room for speculation as to who Skaar is outside of his comic origins or what type of character he will be in the MCU. In the cameo, Skaar is seen wearing battle gear that looks similar to the Sakaarian gladiator gear that Hulk was seen wearing in Thor: Ragnarok which could provide a clue as to what he was up to before his introduction on Earth. Deusner’s appearance as Hulk’s son in She-Hulk was only a non-speaking appearance for the young actor’s debut as Skaar and under the heavy use of CGI, it isn’t surprising that Wil Deusner isn’t instantly recognizable playing Hulk’s son. It appears that the CGI used on Deusner is the same CGI used on both Smart-Hulk and She-Hulk which shows a good mixture of their Hulk-like features as well as their human faces. Because of this, while some might feel they recognize Skaar, it’s hard to know where Wil Deuser has appeared on screen before.

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Where You Know The Actor For Hulk’s Son From

While still young, Wil Deusner joins the ranks of actor who have appeared in both DC and Marvel projects, as prior to entering the MCU, he was best know for his role on DC’s Stargirl as Joey Zarick. However, Wil Deusner’s character exited Stargirl a couple of years ago which has freed the actor up to pursue other opportunities such as playing Skaar in She-Hulk and the wider MCU. While Deusner hasn’t starred in any TV Shows or movies quite yet, he’s also known for his role as Young Charlie in Shut Eye, a Hulu series that ran from 2016 to 2017.

When Can Wil Deusner’s Skaar Next Appear In The MCU

Wil Deusner’s appearance as Skaar was one of the biggest twists of She-Hulk season 1, and might have audiences hoping that a “World War Hulk” storyline might finally come to the MCU, but legal issues with Universal have kept that particular story at bay. With Marvel seeming to be working towards a Young Avengers project, based on their introduction of characters such as America Chavez and Kate Bishop, the addition of Skaar only adds fuel to the exciting fire as the most likely next appearance for Wil Deusner’s Skaar would be as a member of the Young Avengers team. However, there’s also a darker option. Skaar gains Hulk-like powers from his father, but also gains powers from his mother, who is presumed to be Caiera. In the Planet Hulk storyline, Hulk meets Caiera on Sakaar, and together they have Skaar. If Marvel intends to follow the original “World War Hulk” storyline, Skaar might not be an instant hero as the comic sees him act vengefully following his mother’s death on Sakaar and it is Bruce Banner who helps him to become a hero and protector. Therefore it is possible that the MCU could add Wil Deusner’s Skaar to the morally gray Thunderbolts lineup, meaning Hulk’s son could return to the MCU much sooner than thought.

Regardless of whether Skaar makes an appearance in Thunderbolts or a yet-to-be-announced Young Avengers project, it is extremely likely that he will play a role in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Avengers: Secret Wars. With speculation rampant that Red-Hulk is coming to the MCU, it would make sense for Skaar to be included in any upcoming Hulk-related storylines. One particularly likely place for Wil Deusner’s Skaar to reappear would be in a potential She-Hulk season 2. Ultimately, for Wil Deusner, playing Hulk’s son will open up a lot more opportunities for the actor, as well as expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe even further.

All episodes of She Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 are now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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