She-Hulk: One Quote From Each Character That Sums Up Their Personality


Along with debuting Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk in the MCU, the Disney+ series provided a hugely entertaining cast of characters. Some of these are characters fans already knew while others are new MCU characters who are already becoming fan favorites. And each brings their own unique personality to the show.

From the frustrating antagonists to the supportive allies to She-Hulk herself, these characters show what they stand for and what role they play in the story. And through some memorable quotes, many of these characters let their personalities really shine through.


10/10 “My Client List Is Very Exclusive Because My Work Is Impeccable.”


Luke is an entertaining and eccentric character who works as a fashion and costume designer for superheroes. But while he is a very helpful and talented ally of Jennifer, his personality can be harshly honest at times.

RELATED: 10 Lesser-Known Marvel Characters She-Hulk Has Represented In The ComicsLuke is a very confident person who takes pride in his work. That also means he is not afraid to very bluntly boast about his abilities while insinuating that he is too good to take on Jennifer as a client with maybe a bit of smugness.

9/10 “I Think You’re In A Unique Position To Do Some Real Good.”

Matt Murdock

Though he was somewhat different from his Daredevil Netflix series, the return of Matt Murdock in She-Hulk was warmly received by many fans. Not only did he manage to have a very nice albeit brief romance with Jennifer, but he also imparted this helpful superhero advice.

Matt is in a unique position to help Jennifer as he too balances life as a lawyer and superhero. He suggests that these two aspects of Jennifer’s life don’t have to be at odds with each other but rather put her in a position to really help people.

8/10 “I Truly Do Not Care Who Your Paralegal Is.”


It seems every sitcom set in the high-pressure professional world needs a demanding boss who is always breathing down the necks of the main characters. Holliway fits the bill nicely in She-Hulk as the humorless head of the law firm who makes no attempts to be warm and personable.

Though he is not one to crack jokes, he can be quite funny with his emotionless and uninterested persona. Whenever Jennifer brings her own personal preferences or worries into the job, Holliway is very honest about not caring at all.

7/10 “This Isn’t Over, Hater.”


As one of the secondary antagonists on the show, one of She-Hulk’s more obscure villains is introduced. Titania is reimagined as a superhero influencer who forms a bitter and combative rivalry with She-Hulk.

After losing a court battle to Jennifer, Titania offers this threat that is very “on-brand” for her. It shows her pettiness as well as an immature personality that suggests she lives in a very online world and has trouble stepping outside of that.

6/10 “It’s Got Some Office Supplies To Get You Started, Some Snacks, And A Map To The Best Bathroom For Pooping.”


Though Pug doesn’t have a huge role in the series, he is a character that gets more and more likable every time he appears. He is introduced in the first episode as he welcomes Jennifer and Nikki to the new firm with some thoughtful and helpful gifts.

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Pug is a very nice person as well as a bit of a goof. He gives the perfect combination of these with his gift basket which makes him seem like a bit of a manchild but also comes from a very sweet place.

5/10 “Twice The Work, Half The Recognition And You’re Constantly Being Asked What It’s Like Being A Female Lawyer.”

Mallory Book

While Jennifer initially wants to just be a lawyer and not a superhero, she still has to contend with being a female in that professional environment. This is a sentiment shared by her colleague, Mallory Book.

Mallory is perhaps the most talented lawyer in the firm yet she constantly has to deal with men second-guessing her and demeaning her. It is a theme of the show that Mallory exhibits, especially when accepting an award for “female lawyer of the year” and using the opportunity to speak about how hard she works and how unnecessary such an award should be.

4/10 “Do Your Thing.”


Whether as Jennifer or as She-Hulk, one person Jennifer can always count on to be in her corner is Nikki. As her legal aid and best friend, Nikki is there to provide advice, the occasional tough love, but also endless support.

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While Jennifer is initially apprehensive about allowing her She-Hulk persona to be known to the public, Nikki is the one who encourages her. She is not pushy or selfish but simply knows what is good for Jennifer even if she can’t see it herself.

3/10 “Namaste.”

Emil Blonsky

When meeting Jennifer’s first legal client on She-Hulk, audiences were treated with the return of Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination. As she enters his high-tech cell for their first meeting, he greets her with this traditional Hindu greeting.

For fans who remember the villain from The Incredible Hulk, this seems like the most out-of-character thing Blonsky could say. But this is a new take on the character who has found redemption and peace through self-reflection, seeking to send only good vibes out into the world.

2/10 “Being A Hulk Asks For Balance.”

Bruce Banner / Smart Hulk

Though Bruce Banner aka Hulk is on an off-world adventure for the majority of the series, he is also there to help out his cousin when he can. The first episode deals with Bruce mentoring Jennifer on her new life as a Hulk, something he has learned to live with.

Though Jennifer finds control early on, Bruce still attempts to teach her that balance is necessary for her new existence. This is something that took Bruce a long time to learn as he finally learned to accept the best of both sides of himself merging them into Smart Hulk.

1/10 “Both.”

Jennifer Walters

Though she pushes back against most of Bruce’s teachings, it turns out his advice about finding balance was exactly what she needed. She initially fought against having She-Hulk be a part of her life, feeling that it made Jennifer Walters less important.

However, her arc throughout the season finds her coming to accept both sides of her personality as well as what it allows her to accomplish. When a reporter asks whether she will be fighting as Jennifer Walters or She-Hulk, she responds simply with “Both.”

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