She-Hulk: 10 Major Changes The Show Made From The Comics


Just like the pilot, the season finale of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law has polarized fans on social media, with some describing it the most impressive episode in all the MCU’s TV shows and others calling it “lazy writing.” Nonetheless, the creators deserve to be lauded for making a show that managed to make headlines throughout its run.

Part of the reason the Disney+ series remained a hot topic of discussion was the fact that the writers heavily exercised their creative liberties. This was certainly the case when it came to Jennifer’s origin story (and her abilities) as the writers altered several comic details that helped make the show less predictable and entertaining.


She-Hulk Changed How Jennifer Walters Acquired Her Powers

In “Episode 1” of She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters acquires her powers when she comes into contact with Bruce Banner’s blood after a car crash. But in Savage She-Hulk #1, it all happens after Bruce gives her a transfusion of his own blood in order to save her life after she gets shot by the crime boss, Nicholas Trask.

Since the show mostly adopts a lighter tone, the decision to avoid She-Hulk’s darker origin story from the comics makes sense. However, the origin story is more interesting since it’s not only linked to Jennifer’s law career (she was representing Trask’s rival in court) but also results from a moment of desperation. The show’s origin story is also weaker because it’s never explained why the Sakaaran spaceship caused the road accident.

She-Hulk Adapted Mr. Immortal’s Love Life

In “Episode 6” of She-Hulk, the superhero, Mr. Immortal, is sued by his former partners after he faked his death in order to get out of marriage. However, in the comics, he only gets to date one person, his fellow West Coast Avengers member Dinah Soar.

Making Mr. Immortal marry several individuals is essential for the series as it creates the opportunity to establish a rather comical legal dispute. On the Marvel pages, love is the major reason Mr. Immortal remains loyal to Dinah, but it’s also because her species requires its members to date one person for their entire life.

She-Hulk Makes Smart Hulk Go To Sakaar

In “Episode 2” of She-Hulk, Smart Hulk hops into a spaceship and heads to Planet Sakaar. In the comics, all Sakaar-related storylines, starting from Incredible Hulk (Vol 2) #92, involve Savage Hulk and not Smart Hulk.

MCU fans will be disappointed by the fact that the franchise discards the most interesting part of Hulk’s time in Sakaar, which involves him getting to be the ruler of the planet. But with rumors of a Planet Hulk or World War Hulk movies circulating, there is the possibility that this might still happen. Still, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up since most She-Hulk rumors have turned out to be wrong.

She-Hulk Changes The Light Elf’s Personality

Another case in the series involves Jennifer’s former colleague, Dennis Bukowski, suing a shape-shifting Light Elf for impersonating Megan Thee Stallion and making him think the was dating the rapper. However, in the Marvel comics, the Light Elves aren’t fraudulent at all.

It’s a plot choice guaranteed to baffle She-Hulk comic fans but one likely to be ignored by casual viewers since the Light Elves aren’t too popular in Marvel media. Nonetheless, the show would have been better off if a traditionally mischievous shape-shifter was cast in this particular storyline rather than a member of one of the most good-hearted alien races.

She-Hulk Changes Hulk’s Relationship With His Son, Skaar By Making Them Closer

In “Episode 9” of She-Hulk, Hulk shows up with his son Skaar, and they happen to be on very good terms. That’s a far cry from the comics where there is initially bad blood between the two. During Skaar’s first appearance in Skaar: Son of Hulk #1, he rises and heads to Earth to hunt down and kill Hulk for abandoning him.

While Skaar’s surprise appearance contributed to the finale being awesome his presence is totally confusing since his origin story happens to be detailed yet the MCU hasn’t touched on it. Skaar’s mother is Galera, who Hulk married while ruling Sakaar. Since Hulk never rules Sakaar in the MCU, many fans are wondering how Skaar is born. An explanation will probably be given later on but for now, fans will have to wait.

She-Hulk Changed Jennifer’s Love Life

Jennifer struggles to find a perfect partner in the show and is even tricked into sleeping with Miller, who steals a sample of her blood. However, in the comics, she gets paired with well-intentioned men, including popular Marvel heroes such as Tony Stark, Hercules, and Thor.

Although Jennifer’s love life in the series has been far from inspirational, the failed dates have not only highlighted the struggles people go through in real-life but also laid the foundation for the Intelligencia storyline. Through her, the show has also critiqued online dating, which places much emphasis on how people look rather than their personalities.

She-Hulk Changed Leap-Frog’s Suit From The Marvel Comics

Leap-Frog sues the tailor, Jacobson, for making what he believes is a faulty costume. However, Jacobson isn’t present in the comics. Instead, the costume is made by Leap-Frog’s father, Vincent, in Daredevil #25.

Because he is an inventor by profession, Vincent’s costume is the better one as it has electrically powered leaping coils, which allow Leap-Frog to jump up to 6 stories at a time. As for Jacobson, his presence is essential because it not only helps create yet another legal dispute that allows Matt Murdock/Daredevil to be introduced.

She-Hulk’s Relationship With Abomination Is Changed In The Marvel Comics

Despite the fact that Emil Blonsky, aka, Abomination, is one of Hulk’s greatest enemies in the Marvel comics, Jennifer represents him at a parole hearing and later befriends him. Such events never play out in the comics where it’s all animosity.

Blonsky’s buddy moments with Jennifer on the show aren’t exactly memorable, but his presence helps erase any doubts about whether The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton is part of the MCU continuity. While the actor for that particular movie might be different, the Disney+ series makes it clear that it’s still the same character.

Titania’s Origin Story In She-Hulk Has Changed From The Marvel Comics

The show lives out the detail in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3 where Titania is given special abilities by one of the most powerful Marvel villains in the comics, Doctor Doom. Instead, she just shows up and challenges She-Hulk.

The lack of an origin story makes Titania appears less formidable than she is on the pages where she even participates in the Secret Wars. As such, she is never much of a threat to She-Hulk. Instead, that honor goes to Intelligencia but with the MCU being in short supply of female villains, that’s something worth frowning over.

Intelligencia’s Leader In She-Hulk Is Much Different In The Marvel Comics

Phelps, one of Jennifer’s unsuccessful dates, is revealed to be the leader of Intelligencia in “Episode 9” of She-Hulk. In the comics, M.O.D.O.K. and the Leader are the bosses of the evil organization.

Comic fans have witnessed the best of Intelligencia but live-action fans will be upset about how She-Hulk: Attorney At Law uses the organization sparingly and misses the opportunity to introduce the Red Hulk. After a sample of Jennifer’s blood was stolen, all clues pointed to the creation of Red Hulk only for Phelps to inject himself with the blood before briefly turning into a rather weak Hulk. Hopefully, the organization will get revisited in other MCU projects.

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