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Spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law finale!

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law closed out its first season with a surprise reveal. Hulk returned from Sakaar with his son, Skaar, immediately generating questions for MCU fans. Thanks to Skaar’s best comics, Marvel Comics fans likely know some answers. His journey on the page may signal where his character is going in live-action.

Skaar emerged from World War Hulk, a major modern storyline that the MCU seems primed to adapt. He also plays a crucial role in other great comics from the last decade, including some like the Dark Avengers that seem to dovetail perfectly with where the MCU is going in the near future.


10/10 What If? Planet Hulk #1

Comic book fans know Harley Quinn first appeared outside mainstream DC continuity, in Batman Adventures #12. The same holds true for Skaar. He debuted in What If? Planet Hulk #1 in 2007, a story that imagined a different outcome from the original Planet Hulk arc. This book could hold some keys to his screen depiction, given his origin seems different in the MCU.

The major difference between What If?’s version and the eventual Earth-616 Skaar concerns his mother, Caiera. She dies in continuity, but survives in What If? Planet Hulk #1, altering his fate and Sakaar’s. His mother’s fate and identity remain a mystery in the MCU, meaning she could still be alive.

9/10 World War Hulk #5

Skaar makes his proper Earth-616 debut in the final moments of World War Hulk #5, a must-read for MCU fans wondering where Hulk’s screen arc is going. This issue concludes one of the best Hulk comic book storylines ever, in which Hulk nearly destroys the world seeking revenge against The Illuminati, who he holds responsible for Caiera’s death on Sakaar.

This issue also features an all-time apocalyptic battle between Hulk and Sentry, among the most powerful Avengers, rendered in epic form by iconic artist John Romita Jr.

8/10 Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #105

Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #105 serves as a key comic for MCU fans looking for more context on Skaar and his potential screen story. This issue sets in motion Skaar’s tragic origin and his ultimate reckoning with his father. The ship Hulk traveled to Sakaar in explodes, killing Caiera and many others, ending Hulk’s somewhat idyllic life on the alien world.

Caiera’s shocking death leads Hulk to assemble his Warbound, fellow fights on Sakaar, and return to Earth for revenge. Circumstances regarding Sakaar played out differently in the MCU, including leaving out The Illuminati’s role, so things could continue to diverge from the comics.

7/10 Dark Avengers #175

Skaar eventually makes his way from Sakaar to Earth, and he eventually joins the Dark Avengers. Norman Osborn, among Spider-Man’s best comic book villains, puts together a new squad in Dark Avengers #175, which had formerly been The Thunderbolts. With The Contessa assembling The Thunderbolts in the MCU, this issue holds potential keys to Skaar’s future.

The Dark Avengers concept sees villains adopt traditional hero roles, and Skaar plays the part of this team’s Hulk. The comics eventually reveal him to be a secret agent though, sent to undermine Osborn from within.

6/10 Incredible Hulk #620

Brian Banner, Bruce’s father, counts among the Hulk’s most powerful comic book villains for many reasons. The MCU so far avoids him, but Skaar’s introduction possibly hints at his eventual appearance. Skaar helped his father fight Brian, who had transformed into the Devil Hulk, in Incredible Hulk #620.

The clash between three generations of Banners helps reconcile Bruce and Skaar, who have been on uneasy terms to this point. Bruce realizes he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes his father did with him.

5/10 Gamma Flight #2

Skaar teeters back and forth between hero and villain in Marvel Comics and 2021’s Gamma Flight #2 provides a great showcase. He works with another powerful Hulk villain, Abomination, to capture a gamma mutate. This leads to direct conflict with Gamma Flight, a Canadian superhero team. Skaar utterly demolishes them.

Skaar leaves Gamma Flight their lives, something he rarely did on Sakaar, where he grew up as a warrior and gladiator. This battle potentially informs some MCU developments, as a disgruntled Skaar could find common ground with Abomination and other gamma-powered characters.

4/10 Incredible Hulk #602

Another epic battle with potential MCU implications takes place in Incredible Hulk #602. Skaar fights Juggernaut, a powerful X-Men villain, in a classic Marvel clash. Skaar breaks Juggernaut’s armor after absorbing energy from the Earth using the Old Power, a force he inherited from his mother.

The Juggernaut likely appears in the MCU once the X-Men debut (he could even appear in Deadpool 3, following his appearance in the second movie), and odds are he and Skaar trade blows.

3/10 Incredible Hulk #611

Given Skaar’s extraordinary strength, he participates in many amazing battles in Marvel Comics. One sure to feature in the MCU eventually occurs in Incredible Hulk #611, which concludes the World War Hulks storyline. He fights his father in this comic but puts aside their differences to fight the story’s true villains.

Skaar and his father join forces to stop two of the most powerful Hulks in the comics, Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk. Rumors suggest Harrison Ford takes over the General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross role in Captain America: New World Order, meaning this consequential battle eventually plays out on screen.

2/10 Skaar: Son of Hulk #1

Skaar’s origins in the MCU likely form the foundation for his next screen appearance and Skaar: Son of Hulk #1 may hold the key. This comic book went back in time to show how Skaar survived not just his mother’s death but also his formative years when he was virtually alone in a devastated landscape on Sakaar.

Skaar emerges from a cocoon his mother created in her dying moments and lacks the ability to speak. The comic follows his unlikely journey from survivor to warrior, something the MCU version may have done as well, given his distinctive markings.

1/10 Skaar: Son of Hulk #10

Skaar’s MCU backstory potentially involves Galactus as it does in the comics. The two share an unlikely and cruel connection with a consequential resolution in Skaar: Son of Hulk #10. This comic sees Caiera return from the dead to confront her son, who seeks to have Galactus consume Sakaar and the Old Power.

Skaar’s reckless behavior gets him expelled through a wormhole by his mother. He winds up on Earth and eventually encounters his father. Though the circumstances differ significantly in the MCU, Galactus potentially plays a role in Sakaar’s fate now that he and other Fantastic Four-related characters exist in the MCU.

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