Sex Education Season 4 Will See Maeve’s Role Reduced, Says Star


Emma Mackey confirms that her character, Maeve Wiley, will have a reduced role in the much-anticipated Sex Education season 4 on Netflix.

Emma Mackey confirms that Maeve will have a reduced role in Sex Education season 4. Despite a slight delay, production for the upcoming return of Netflix’s coming-of-age British series is underway. No release date has been announced thus far, but with filming already in full swing, it’s safe to say that it’s only a matter of time before the streamer confirms when the highly-anticipated Sex Education season 4 premieres.

Specific plot details about what comes next for the series. are scant at the moment, but an official Sex Education season 4 premise has already been released confirming that it will deal with the fallout from what happened to Moordale in season 3. Otis and Eric will find themselves in a brand new academic institution where they will once again settle in. Meanwhile, Maeve’s adventures will be separate as she will be in the U.S. where she does her study abroad grant. Although there will still be a focus on her arc as she maintains a lead role in the project, audiences shouldn’t expect her to be as prominently featured in Sex Education season 4 as she was in past years.


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Speaking with Radio Times, Mackey talks about what to expect from Sex Education season 4. While she is very excited to be back on set to continue Maeve’s story, she reveals that she will have a reduced role in the upcoming installment. She doesn’t get into specifics why, but despite this, Mackey is still thrilled about coming back to the Netflix project. Read her full quote below:

“It feels very familiar! And it’s a bit more sporadic because we have more characters,” she explained. “So there’s… I’m not in it as consistently. “But we’re in the middle of filming now, and I’m excited to be back. And yeah, I’m intrigued to know what’s going to happen – because I also don’t know. I’m also finding out as we go along, so it’ll be fun!”

Maeve’s Sex Education Season 4 Reduced Role Is Disappointing

It’s already known that Sex Education season 4 will feature a smaller cast. Several actors have confirmed that they won’t be in the new year including Bridgerton‘s Simone Ashley as Olivia, Patricia Allison as Ola, Tanya Reynolds as Lily, and Rakhee Thakkar as Moordale’s English teacher, Emily Sands. Despite the mini-exodus, having the show’s true leads, Otis, Eric, and Maeve is a relief. There was hope that the series would primarily focus on them, but it sounds like that won’t be the case with Mackey’s Maeve having a reduced role. It’s possible the actress’ busy schedule prevented her from being back full time, hence her being featured in a more limited capacity. Still, Ncuti Gatwa’s set-up isn’t all that different despite his being cast as the next Doctor Who.

Considering Maeve’s reduced role, Sex Education season 4 may be unable to deliver on its promise regarding her romance with Otis. Sex Education has been doing this back-and-forth dynamic for years now, and after season 3, there was hope that the show may finally see the pair officially together. Maeve and Otis will be separated with the former’s story set abroad, but this further decreases the chances things between them will be properly resolved.

Source: Radio Times

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