Seinfeld: 10 Most Cringeworthy Parts, According To Reddit


Many were surprised by hearing about Jerry Seinfeld’s upcoming movie, Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story, as the comedian has largely remained out of acting since Seinfeld. The sitcom is renowned for featuring terrible people who get up to wacky shenanigans in each episode.

However, Redditors have voiced out moments and storylines that they think are cringe-worthy, and not as funny as they’re supposed to be. These range from George’s petty and annoying habits to Elaine’s awkward dancing, among many other things. Since Seinfeld is so beloved, it’s interesting to see what Redditors didn’t find charming about the show.


Jerry And His Girlfriend’s Extreme Mushiness

Seinfeld is a show where nothing really happens, so the series made episodes centered on mundane occurrences. One story saw Jerry and his girlfriend, Sheila, act extremely mushy, with Redditor Glad-Requirement6116 writing that they “can’t stand any scenes with Schmoopie.”

Schmoopie was Jerry’s nickname for his girlfriend and vice versa, as the two were all over each other in public to cringe-worthy lengths. To be fair, the episode made a point about how sappy this was supposed to be, although it may have done too good of a job since some viewers can’t stand to watch it.

Elaine’s Insult To Nana

Elaine could be ruthless, having no filter when she was annoyed. Assuming the person calling on the phone was the high-talking man she had issues with, Elaine told him to drop dead. However, it turned out to be Jerry’s grandmother calling.

Redditor spinereader81 finds this scene to be cringe-inducing because they “felt so horrible for Nana.” The old woman was shocked to hear such aggressive words directed at her, particularly since she’d left the house for the first time in years to straighten out a bank overdraw that Jerry had caused.

Jerry’s Agent’s Overbearing Attitude

Jerry’s agent has an overbearing personality and she annoys him by treating him like a child. Redditor ManOfPopsicle can’t stand her dialogue, claiming that they “get so upset at every stupid thing she does.” Her tendency to overreach at everything contributes to how annoying she is.

The episode has Jerry attempting to get away from his agent, only for her to pop up around every corner to once again talk to him as if he were a baby. It’s the kind of humor that can wear off fast if viewers don’t find such a chatty person to be endearing.

Joe Davola’s Predatory Behavior Toward Elaine

Seinfeld is easily among the best sitcoms of all time, but Joe Davola’s interaction with Elaine was something out of a horror movie. Redditor whereish3r3 writes that “this scene wasn’t funny, just scary. It’s hard to watch.” They make reference to Davola’s attempts at preventing Elaine from leaving his apartment.

As it happened, Elaine walked in to find Davola’s wall filled with pictures of her — when she attempted to flee, Davola blocked her way. Elaine escaped using pepper spray, but the laugh track couldn’t hide how cringe-worthy it all was since Davola’s behavior came across as scary rather than funny.

George Crashing A Family’s Movie Night

Not wanting to read Breakfast at Tiffany’s to impress someone, George decided to watch it on tape. He intruded upon a family’s movie night when he couldn’t find a copy, which Redditor orangutansloveme considers to be “top cringe…usually skip that whole episode.”

George’s behavior was entirely inappropriate, having criticized the family for not treating him well even though he was intruding — and later ruined their couch. Although George’s lack of tact is usually hilarious, this was just too much.

George’s Extreme Attempts At Getting An Apology

One of the dumbest decisions George made on Seinfeld was when he couldn’t let go of his petty feud with Jason Hanke. The latter admits he was out of line for once insulting George, but Costanza insists Jason actually utter the words “sorry.” Redditor AnnualPerspective593 thought it was “probably the worst to watch – it’s so painful.”

The cringe-worthiness comes from George repeatedly pressuring Jason to outright apologize to him, which Jason clearly didn’t want to do. It eventually morphed into another argument where Jason admitted he wasn’t really sorry. The extreme pettiness of it all can unsettle viewers for how ridiculous the situation was.

The Untrustworthy Rabbi’s Demeanor

Redditor Filipino_Fool finds the untrustworthy rabbi’s attitude to be a deal breaker, writing that they “can’t stand the way he speaks.” The rabbi has an obnoxious demeanor, having offered Elaine a helpful ear when she was jealous of George’s engagement before announcing it to the whole world.

The rabbi has a funny way of speaking, and it’s easy to see why it can be annoying. It doesn’t help that his decision to reveal Elaine’s secret to everyone he meets is offputting, as viewers tend to feel bad for Elaine when she confided to the rabbi in confidence.

When Kramer Becomes A Dog

There are several memes that sum up Seinfeld characters’ personalities, and a picture of a dog might just do the trick for Kramer. After all, he essentially became one after he consumed dog food. Redditor 8379MS writes that this was the “all-time worst scene in the entire Seinfeld. So bad.”

The Redditor finds this cringe-worthy for the over-the-top nature of Kramer’s behavior, as he exhibited dog-like mannerisms that pushed even his brand of comedy’s ludicrousness. Kramer literally biting Newman as a dog would is a form of slapstick humor that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

George’s Elaborate Lie About Having A Place In The Hamptons

George lies about having a place in the Hamptons to get out of attending an event for the Susan Ross Foundation, but her parents call his bluff by agreeing to accompany him to this fictional place. Redditor Creeping_Death_89 finds it “near-unwatchable. Knowing that he is lying the entire time and not saying anything is so rough.”

Viewers are well aware that George is lying through his teeth, so watching Susan’s parents continue to encourage him to concoct more layers of lies can be tough. It comes to a breaking point right at the end of the episode, which is when the cringe level really gets to its peak.

Elaine’s Awful Dancing

Elaine’s awful dancing skills are supposed to be cringe-inducing, with Seinfeld dedicating an entire episode to it. Redditor ecilAbanana still finds it difficult to watch because they “get so much second-hand embarrassment from it.”

Elaine’s dance moves comprise kicking the air around her while doing a strange body contortion, with the episode placing her in public places where humiliation is guaranteed. Elaine’s horror when she realizes how everyone finds her dancing hilarious adds to the cringe-worthy material.

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