Saraya Reportedly Spurned An Offer For WWE Return To Go To AEW


Details continue to emerge about Saraya’s last interactions with WWE and how she landed in AEW. A recent report provides interesting details.

Saraya made her AEW debut at Wednesday Night Dynamite Grand Slam, and details continue to emerge about the nature of her deal with the company—and what WWE was willing to do to keep her in the fold. The former Paige didn’t have her contract renewed by Vince McMahon’s regime in July and made that fact known in a touching column in The Players Tribune. Impact Wrestling and, obviously, AEW wanted to bring her on board, and eventually, she chose the latter. A recent report sheds light on the fact that, under Triple H, WWE wanted to bring Saraya back and perhaps even get her in the ring again.


Fightful Select reports that The Game and WWE were open to allowing her to wrestle again, whereas McMahon considered that book closed. The report states that “[WWE] higher ups also mentioned to her that if she ever wanted to return to the ring and wrestle, they would make that happen. There’s a lot of conjecture and rumors about WWE getting Saraya numerous doctors to get her cleared, but we’re told that’s not true — to the extent that WWE didn’t have her checked at all for a return to the ring, and Saraya actually went through three extensive health checks to gain clearance for an in-ring return herself. We’re even told that WWE wasn’t interested in bringing her back prior to the new regime, and wouldn’t sign off on X-Rays to have her examined, and that the case was closed as far as they were considered.” Fightful writes that Triple H attempted to re-sign Saraya, but that didn’t happen despite the two having a positive relationship.

Outside Projects Made The Difference For Saraya & AEW

WWE is notoriously restrictive regarding what it allows contracted talent to do outside the ring to make money. There are signs that might be changing with Triple H at the helm, but there wasn’t enough proof to make WWE seem like a safer bet than AEW. Tony Khan allows his wrestlers to do just about anything they want, ranging from operating Twitch channels to working for other independent companies. Fightful indicated that was the big difference maker for Saraya, as there are other projects outside the wrestling ring she wants to work on.

She’s always tried to get involved with ventures outside of professional wrestling. Saraya has appeared in several television roles and made headway into clothing and makeup lines. Fightful indicated that the former women’s champion had a surprisingly low deal in WWE, so it stands to reason that Tony Khan and AEW were willing to do right by her regarding pay. Specific details of her contract aren’t known, but reports indicate that the number she’s at implies she’ll be wrestling near a full-time schedule. Fans wondering whether or not Saraya was cleared for physical contact got their answer during last week’s episode of Dynamite when she and Britt Baker exchanged blows. She wasn’t on the most recent episode but promised fans on Twitter that she’d make the Cincinnati show on October 18.

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