Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney Confirm Welcome To Wrexham Season 2


Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney confirm Welcome to Wrexham will have a season 2. The sports documentary series from Reynold’s production company, Boardwalk Pictures, debuted on FX this summer to rave reviews, with a recent Critic’s Choice Award nomination under its belt. Welcome to Wrexham chronicles the Hollywood pair’s 2020 purchase of Welsh association football club Wrexham A.F.C. The docuseries sees the Deadpool and Mythic Quest actors attempt to revive the struggling team and get them promoted out of the National League to the Premier League.


Aside from documenting the team’s journey under its new famous, albeit, inexperienced, leadership, Welcome to Wrexham also spotlights the local working-class community the team is based out of in Northern Wales. Throughout the series, Reynolds and McElhenney achieve what they set out for, and the team improves greatly, seeing Wrexham rise from 20th to 2nd place in the National League. However, the last few episodes reveal the team just missing out on the opportunity to be promoted, though the series ended on a positive note; highlighting the good Reynolds and McElhenney did for the community.

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Now, following its first award nominations of the season, Reynolds and McElhenney confirm Welcome to Wrexham‘s story will continue in a season 2 of the docuseries. The stars celebrated the Critics Choice Awards news in a video posted to their Twitter accounts. Check out the announcement below:

What’s Next For Welcome To Wrexham

Welcome to Wrexham’s season 1 ended on an optimistic note, with the players and owners seeing the football season as a success considering where the team started. Despite the season’s wins, the finale, titled, “Do Or Die” gave the players their first chance in 14 years to be promoted out of the National League. The team, unfortunately, ‘dies’ as they narrowly miss the opportunity after landing in 2nd place. However, it’s clear that Reynolds and McElhenney are dedicated to seeing their mission through, and will continue their journey with Wrexham in season 2. In the video, they are promoting October 18’s FA Cup, which will stream on ESPN+ and see the team face off against the Blyth Spartans.

Wrexham has done quite well in the current season, holding their 2nd place position among the National League’s teams. They do have a long way to go though, to get promoted all the way to the Premier League. That would require promotions through National League, League Two, League One and then winning the EFL Championship. While experts say it is unlikely, with Reynolds and McElhenney on their side, anything seems possible for Wrexham. Their victory will require a few years of hard work and dedication, but with Welcome to Wrexham season 2 confirmed, it’s clear the team is up for the challenge.

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