RHOBH: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Dorit Kemsley


Dorit Kemsley has always been fabulous on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Cut recently commented on Dorit’s favorite drink order: “Belvedere, soda, (in a short glass), and three lemons — carcass out,” as the “carcass” part seems unique and original. Dorit is always a joy to watch on the Bravo reality series and has been since she started appearing in season 7, whether she’s joking around with her husband PK or telling a long-winded story.


From talking to her good friend Kyle Richards about tough situations in season 12 or sharing that she loves fashion a lot, Dorit’s quotes are a fun part of RHOBH, and many explain who she is.

“You Can Take All My Things & You Won’t Have Taken A Thing That Matters.”

Dorit’s season 12 tagline is about her robbery

Dorit from RHOBH’s background involves meeting and falling in love with PK in New York City, and the couple showed how close they are in season 12 after Dorit’s terrifying home invasion. Dorit’s season 12 tagline alludes to when she was woken up in the middle of the night and robbed, which was horrifying to hear.

Dorit loves her husband and their two children Phoenix and Jagger, and after this incident, she felt understandably scared and vulnerable. Dorit’s family is very important to her and the three are so close, which is always heartwarming to see.

“I’m A Bit Of A Perfectionist.”

Dorit puts her heart into everything she does

In season 8, Dorit modeled for Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine after her co-star Lisa Vanderpump asked her too, and Dorit explained that she wanted to make sure that she was doing a good job. This was a good fit for Dorit since she enjoys fashion so much and is comfortable in front of the camera as she loves getting dressed and posing.

While Dorit and Lisa had some tension over this situation, as Dorit didn’t end up in the magazine after all, this was still a significant quote of Dorit’s. Viewers learned more about Dorit as she shared that she’s a “perfectionist” and when she does something, she puts her mind to it and is organized.

“We Are Just So Happy To Be With You.”

Dorit is a huge Jamie Lee Curtis fan

Kyle Richards played Lindsey Wallace in the 1978 horror film Halloween and came back for Halloween Kills, which was fun for fans of RHOBH to see. In a season 12 episode, Kyle hosted a lunch at her beautiful home to talk about a charity that she and her co-star Jamie Lee Curtis are involved in.

The scene was hilarious as Jamie Lee Curtis explained the various products that were for sale and Dorit kept saying how much she loved everything. Every time Dorit exclaimed “amazing” and “oh, a wind chime!” and “that is the chicest wind chime I have ever…” Kyle laughed at how much her good firend was enjoying this. It was sweet seeing Dorit as a fan since she is so fabulously dressed and well-travelled.

“When You Travel The World, You Can Speak In Any Accent You Want.”

Dorit’s season 7 tagline alluded to her accent

When Dorit joined the reality series in season 7, there was some discussion over her accent. In the seasons since, fans have pointed out Dorit’s changing voice. Dorit said that while she is from Connecticut, she has been to Europe a lot and because her husband PK is British, she sounds a certain way.

Dorit’s season 7 tagline is perfect, as there were lots of questions about the way that she speaks when she first came onto the reality show, and there continue to be conversations about it now. It’s always best when a Housewife’s tagline explains something about them.

“This Is Not To Make Erika Feel Bad…”

Dorit was upset about a situation with Erika in season 7

One of the most memorable RHOBH fights included Erika Jayne not wearing underwear when the cast was out for drinks once in season 7. This was called “Pantygate” and Dorit and Erika had some tricky and uncomfortable talks about this.

Dorit showed that she’s got a good heart and always has great intentions when she said that she wasn’t trying to “make Erika feel bad.” Dorit just wanted to get her point across but she was ready to move on from this moment as well, as she knew that it was just a small problem that didn’t matter that much in the end.

“Knowing A Wine Glass… Is Etiquette. Sorry, I Know It.”

Dorit told Teddi about knowing the right glasses in season 8

Dorit and Teddi Mellencamp had an intense discussion about drinking out of the right glasses as Dorit said that there is a difference between a glass for wine and champagne and Teddi agreed that they didn’t think the same way about certain things. Dorit felt that no one was understanding her POV as she was just talking about “etiquette.”

While some might say that Dorit shouldn’t have been so concerned about glasses, Dorit does care about manners and putting together a nice table for guests, and hosting parties seems to be one of her favorite things. Dorit didn’t mean anything by this, she just likes when things look pretty.

“I Need To Have Fashion, Fashion, Fashion Oozing Out Of Me.”

Dorit loves getting dressed up

Erika’s fabulous RHOBH outfits have been the subject of much discussion as she dresses to the nines when heading out to dinner or to a party, and Dorit does the same thing. This quote explains that fashion is one of Dorit’s most beloved hobbies and something that she is incredibly passionate about.

Whether dressing from head to toe in Louis Vuitton or in the same color, Dorit always looks impressive. It has also been fun over the past couple of seasons to watch Dorit get ready at her house with her glam squad before leaving for parties. Dorit is very creative with the way that she presents herself, choosing patterns and different hairstyles.

“Last Year, You Interrupted Me In The Middle Of My Sentences A Lot.”

Dorit told Kyle that she hurt her feelings in season 11

Dorit and PK are very close with Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky, which is why it’s so tough to see Dorit and Kyle fight. The cast members had several arguments in seasons 11 and 12, including an emotional moment when Dorit told Kyle that she interrupted her too much.

This quote says so much about Dorit: that she cherishes her friendship with Kyle, which is how she feels about all of her close relationships, and also that she likes to talk. Dorit is often lovingly teased for being long-winded, but she just loves to chat to the people who she cares about and she also enjoys telling stories.

“You’re Breaking My Heart, To See You Upset Like This.”

Dorit was emotional about the Aspen trip in season 12

RHOBH season 12 had dramatic quotes and Kyle was in tears after her sister Kathy Hilton left an afternoon of shopping and cocktails at a fancy hat store that was very important to Kyle. Dorit came back to Kyle’s family home and told her that she was so sad to see Kyle in such a state.

This quote says a lot about how kind-hearted Dorit is and how much she cares about her friendship with Kyle. While not every Housewife is so clear about their emotional state or how much they love someone, Dorit is very warm-hearted.

“When Someone Is Hurt And In Pain And They Need Help And They’re My Friend, I Am There To Support Them.”

Dorit helped Erika in season 12

While many Real Housewives vacations are dramatic, the Aspen trip was especially intense, and Dorit told Kyle that her instinct is to help someone who is having a hard time. Dorit felt pulled in two directions as she wanted to support Kyle but she also was sad that Erika felt isolated and upset about news going around about her legal case and divorce.

When Dorit explained to Kyle that she is a caring person who will always be there for people she loves, Kyle was still upset and mad about what was going on, but it was clear that Kyle agreed that Dorit is full of compassion.

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