Pokémon Unite: Clefable Character Guide (Abilities, Tips, & Strategies)


Pokémon Unite released the fan-favorite Clefable into the newest version, The pink Kantonian Fairy-type Pokémon is classified as a “Supporter” with “Novice” level mechanics, healing, and hindering moves to use on other players to help their team succeed. Although it is classified as “Novice” level, there are different builds and move sets to best support different players’ teams. With teamwork being a central component of the game, Clefable also brings a unique and fun play style that is sure to change the course of the match.


At the beginning of the game, like all other teammates, Clefable starts at level 1, and at their pre-evolution. Clefable evolves from Clefairy which is a mini version of Clefable with the same coloring and typing. Clefairy can use two moves at the beginning with the player’s choice of starting with Heal Pulse or Disarming Voice. One choice of the two moves listed is made at level 1, the other move will be automatically selected to use at level 3. The best course of action for players playing Clefable would be to start with Disarming Voice to secure objective Pokémon that give experience points and Aeos energy which is needed to win the game.

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At level 4, Clefable will have the option of choosing Moonlight or Draining Kiss as the initial support healing move, this heals HP over a short amount of time. Moonlight sprouts a moon above Clefable’s head as it waves a finger. It heals in 6 small pulses and is beneficial for defending earlier in the game, it also increases the movement speed of Clefable itself. The other option of the second move is Draining Kiss, just like one of Sylveon’s signature Unite moves, which is a stronger attack that heals the player’s Clefable and team. This is typically used in more aggressive sets and is harder for a player’s teammate to judge how they will gain health since the effects of the kiss are shorter in range and not as visible. In general, the way players choose Clefable’s first moves is dependent on how they want to support their team and play the game.

Clefable’s Move Milestones in Pokémon Unite

The next Pokémon Unite move milestone is at level 6 when Clefable learns its hindrance move from Disarming Voice. Clefable has two options which are Gravity and Follow Me. Gravity is a zone-centered map AOE move that slows the opponent, cancels dash-based moves, and increases Clefable’s attack speed and power. It is a new gimmick to the game which protects the player’s allies from many of Pokémon Unite‘s “Speedster” characters like Dodrio, Scyther, and Gengar. Follow Me works similarly to the description of the main-line game where the opponent will target Clefable instead of targeting another Pokémon. This can be used to draw opponents away from lower defensive targets and it increases the defense and special defense of Clefable.

Finally, at level 8 Clefable wiggles a finger, changing the outcome of the match with its new Unite Move, Wonder Wish. Players should aim to secure an objective with Hyper Beam, block players out of team goals, and Fly into the fight to save the day. However, choose wisely when using this skill as the outcomes are endless. This Supporter class Pokémon in Pokémon Unite is sure to keep players on their toes, with great teamwork and excitement.

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