Pokémon TCG: Every Card Coming To Zeraora & Deoxys V Battle Decks


The next set of battle decks from the Pokémon Trading Card Game will be centered around the Zeraora V and the Deoxys V cards, with every card included in these decks having recently been revealed. The two mythical Pokémon have had multiple features throughout the Gen 8 era of the Pokémon TCG as promo cards and rares, but the V Battle Decks put both Deoxys and Zeraora at the forefront of the TCG, at least for a little while. The Zeraora and Deoxys V Battle Decks will probably be one of, if not the last Pokémon Sword and Shield era pre-built decks.


It will still be a few months before Pokémon Scarlet and Violet TCG cards might release, so the release of products like the battle decks, oversized card sets, special tins, and holiday exclusives are great additions to the last of the Pokémon Sword and Shield gen releases. The V Battle Decks are exclusive to Sword and Shield too, as Gen 8 was where the V mechanic was first introduced in the trading card game. The first V battle deck was Venusaur vs. Blastoise, followed by Victini vs. Gardevoir, Rayquaza vs. Noivern, Lycanroc vs. Corviknight, and Mewtwo vs. Melmetal. V Battle Decks were introduced after the Pokémon TCG expansion set Vivid Voltage, subsequently replacing the set-related Theme Decks for the remainder of the Pokémon Sword and Shield trading card releases.

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When it comes to competitive play in the Pokémon TCG, building a deck can be an extremely intimidating task. Even the best Pokémon TCG deck cards include potential signs of inspiration from pre-built decks with the inclusion of the Inteleon evolution line, as Inteleon had its own theme deck as part of the main Sword and Shield set release. Theme Decks and V Battle Decks are an approachable way for those new to the TCG and collectors getting interested in playing the trading card game for the first time, to gain inspiration for creating custom decks, and to better understand the competitive side of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Love them or hate them, the V Battle Decks are an important component to the approachability of the Pokémon TCG, making the release of the Zeraora V and Deoxys V decks that much more exciting.

The Card List For Pokémon TCG’s Deoxys V Battle Deck

While not recently one of the Pokémon TCG Lost Origin cards worth the most, Deoxys has had multiple features as a promo card in Gen 8 Pokémon TCG sets. In the Deoxys V Battle Deck, there will be sixty cards, a playmat, a large metallic coin, a code card, a quick guide, a rules book, and damage counters. Though not included in the V Battle Deck, players interested in customizing the deck later on, or building a deck around Deoxys V, can also purchase a Deoxys VMAX card to make an even more powerful deck. Even as it is, however, the Deoxys V Battle Deck is full of cards that will make it an interesting and enjoyable deck to play. The complete card list for the Deoxys V Battle Deck, as well as how many appear, is as follows:

  • Deoxys V (1)
  • Ralts (4)
  • Kirlia (3)
  • Gardevoir (2)
  • Baltoy (3)
  • Claydol (2)
  • Drifloon (3)
  • Drifblim (2)
  • Cresselia (1)
  • Bug Catcher (2)
  • Cook (1)
  • Gym Trainer (2)
  • Hop (4)
  • Shauna (2)
  • Sonia (1)
  • Evolution Incense (2)
  • Great Ball (4)
  • Lucky Ice Pop (1)
  • Psychic Energy (18)
  • Switch Cart (2)

Aside from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire featuring terrible earth-saving plans, they also showed off Deoxys for the first time ever, making it fitting for Deoxys to get its own feature as a V Battle Deck. The Pokémon has played an important part in the Pokémon universe, from being the first Pokémon to have original, unique battle music to different forms having some of the highest psychic-type Pokémon stats. This deck features multiple Psychic-type Pokémon too, most likely because Deoxys is a mythical Psychic-type Pokémon itself. This is definitely in contrast to the Zeraora V Battle Deck and its card list.

The Card List For Pokémon TCG’s Zeraora V Battle Deck

Where the Deoxys V Battle Deck features lots of Psychic-type Pokémon, the Zeraora V Battle Deck is all about the Lightning-type Pokémon. Zeraora is a mythical Pokémon, featured first in Pokémon Sun and Moon. By no means one of the Gen 7 Pokémon probably already forgotten, Zeraora has had multiple prominent features throughout the Gen 8 era of the Pokémon TCG, with the V Battle Deck putting Zeraora at the forefront of the TCG once more. Featuring all the aforementioned bonuses of the Deoxys V Battle Deck, but in Zeraora style, there is just as much flair to this Battle Deck as its competitor. The complete card list in the Zeraora V Battle Deck (as well as how many appear) is as follows:

  • Zeraora V (1)
  • Shinx (4)
  • Luxio (3)
  • Luxray (2)
  • Helioptile (3)
  • Heliolisk (2)
  • Yamper (3)
  • Boltund (2)
  • Thundurus (1)
  • Bug Catcher (2)
  • Gym Trainer (2)
  • Hop (4)
  • Lady (1)
  • Shauna (2)
  • Sonia (1)
  • Escape Rope (2)
  • Evolution Incense (2)
  • Great Ball (4)
  • Lightning Energy (18)
  • Potion (1)

Deoxys V & Zeraora V Battle Deck Bundle Exclusives

Before the release date of Pokémon TCG’s Silver Tempest, there are plenty of Pokémon TCG releases to look forward to. The Zeraora V and Deoxys V Battle Decks will also be released as a bundle, priced for retail at $29.99. The bundled version includes both the Zeraora V and Deoxys V battle decks in addition to an exclusive playmat, deck boxes, coins, and multiple guides. A special holo edition of the Professor’s Research card, which features Professor Rowan, will be included in the bundle as a pair. In addition, there are six more trainer cards:

  • Boss’s Orders (2)
  • Friends in Galar (2)
  • Ultra Ball (2)

The inclusion of these extra trainer cards is another way that the Pokémon TCG is encouraging players to experiment with decks, learn what works best for players, and customize decks to match individual playing styles. While it might not include the best Pokémon TCG cards for future investment, the V Battle Decks keep things approachable. From offering pre-built decks with room to customize, to including everything needed to play the Pokémon TCG, all these factors make picking up the bundled edition worthwhile. Regardless of age or familiarity, these individual decks and the bundle of the Zeraora V and Deoxys V Battle Decks are a great introduction to the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

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