Please Make Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Rated M


Jedi Survivor could benefit from Cal Kestis and others removing limbs with a lightsaber, giving the upcoming Star Wars title an M rating.

The lightsaber weapon of Jedi and Sith alike is unlike any other in the Star Wars universe, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor might miss an opportunity to grant players its true power. The iconic lightsaber is a weapon only those with the power of the Force can wield, a weapon one may cut their hand off with if they can’t sense the universe’s energy. Multiple Star Wars games feature lightsaber combat in different forms, showing the best and worst versions of the weapon. Games like Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy provide players with a realistic look at limb dismemberment and environmental plasma scarring. In contrast, others have the lightsaber cut through enemies but don’t remove body parts they’ve sliced.


[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.]While Star Wars branches into two separate eras in the universe, the grittier chapter is the time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Even though Cal Kestis destroyed the holocron revealing Force-sensitive children, a Jedi hiding from the Empire is bound to struggle with the dark side multiple times. The game’s director confirms the dark setting Jedi: Survivor will take, which may excite fans who gravitate towards the shadow of the Force. One thing the game will have to get right to pull off this dark setting is the enemy and character interactions with a lightsaber.

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In Fallen Order, it wasn’t uncommon for Cal to dismember wildlife and other creatures that attacked him, but humanoid enemies like stormtroopers were left unchanged. The lack of stormtrooper limbs and general injury cannot be how the game displays lightsabers interacting with humanoid characters through Jedi: Survivor if the developer wants to go a darker route. While realizing the brutal and vicious ways a lightsaber can maim and kill someone would earn the game an M rating, a Star Wars title wearing it proudly could show fans the team’s determination not to have everything be kid-friendly. The finale of Fallen Order, with Darth Vader’s surprise cameo, shows a reluctance to be graphic in how Trilla is killed, something the original and prequel trilogies didn’t shy away from.

Jedi: Survivor Would Benefit With An M Rating

The ESRB rating system tends to make people nervous when a game receives an M, Grand Theft Auto being one of the few that need the high rating and flaunt it. If Jedi: Survivor is given an M rating due to a more realistic story and allows Cal to dismember legions of stormtroopers coming after him, it would please many hardcore fans who miss chopping off limbs in Jedi Academy. Cal doesn’t need to be the one dismembering humanoid characters, as inquisitors, or the mysterious Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s ancient bacta tank evil may provide players with some limb removal of their own. Regardless, the loss of limbs is severely lacking in several new additions to the Star Wars franchise, and Jedi: Survivor could provide more of that classic trope.

Disney’s ownership of Star Wars has allowed the franchise to grow in many ways, and while Fallen Order was a return to good story-telling in a Star Wars game, Jedi: Survivor will likely have to go above and beyond. Until more is shown about the game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor looks to focus on one of the more common themes during the rule of the Empire: survival. But unless something changes, fans will likely have to play the older games if they want to see the realistic and gruesome results a lightsaber can inflict on a humanoid.

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