P.T. Brought To PS5 Ahead Of Silent Hill Reveal Event


The infamous survival horror demo P.T. has been ported onto the PlayStation 5, resurrecting the title ahead of Konami’s upcoming Silent Hill event.

The beloved survival horror demo P.T. has been ported onto PlayStation 5 ahead of Konami’s upcoming Silent Hill livestream reveal event. The terrifying playable teaser, developed by Hideo Kojima, was originally intended to be a lead-in to a full game titled Silent Hills. Now a new Silent Hill announcement is imminent, and P.T. has been brought onto current-generation consoles ahead of the occasion.

Released back in 2014, P.T. is a first-person psychological horror experience that sees players traverse an endlessly-looping hallway in a suburban home. Stalked by a ghost known as Lisa, players must solve various puzzles to piece together the game’s narrative and escape the house alive. The end of the demo served as a surprise announcement of Silent Hills, a new entry in the franchise created by Hideo Kojima and starring actor Norman Reedus, but this project was sadly canceled when Kojima left Konami in 2014. P.T. was subsequently removed from the PlayStation Store, making it an infamously lost game. The eight-year anniversary of the demo’s PlayStation Store removal recently passed, and now PlayStation 5 users may have the chance to experience the terror once again.


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Streamer and tech guru Lance McDonald has managed to port P.T. onto the PlayStation 5, allowing them to play the legendary horror experience on current-generation hardware. This achievement does not involve jailbreaking the PS5, apparently, with McDonald instead transferring the game from a hacked PlayStation 4 emulator on a different PS5 onto their primary PS5 using a USB backup. Players must legitimately own P.T. on their PlayStation account, so performing this trick doesn’t involve pirating content from Konami. Allegedly about $300 worth of USB hard drives was also needed to pull off this fascinating trick.

P.T. Comes Back To Haunt On PlayStation 5

While Kojima’s Silent Hills project never saw the light of day, and its demo is lost, another Silent Hill demo like P.T. is rumored to be in development. Rumors claim that a number of Silent Hill projects are currently in the works, including a modern remake of Silent Hill 2 and a brand-new full-size installment in the survival horror series. Some leaks also detail Silent Hill: The Short Message, a short proof-of-concept demo that would reintroduce gamers to the franchise and would likely be reminiscent of Kojima’s P.T.

Konami is poised to reveal the future of the Silent Hill franchise soon, and Lance McDonald has commemorated the occasion by bringing P.T. onto the PlayStation 5. The method of doing so sounds complex and expensive, but it’s an excellent way to preserve a survival horror masterpiece that is at risk of being lost to time. As the Silent Hill series prepares to make a horrific return, players now have a chance to experience P.T. on PlayStation 5 for the very first time.

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Source: Lance McDonald

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