Olivia Wilde talks getting through ‘hellfire’ amid former nanny’s new claims on Harry Styles romance


Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’ former nanny recently gave an explosive interview where she addressed the ex-couple’s split and the actress’ relationship with Harry Styles. Not long after nanny’s bombshell reveals went viral and a joint statement slamming the same was released by Olivia and Jason, the Don’t Worry Darling made a public appearance.

Olivia Wilde attended the Elle Women in Hollywood event and during the same delivered a speech about her recent experience of being in the eye of the storm as her film’s press tour was riddled with controversies and speculations. Wilde reflecting on her own experience urged women to “keep fighting through the hellfire” of misogyny and patriarchy in the entertainment industry as reported by Variety.

Olivia ‘feeding off’ Harry’s fame says ex-nanny

Amid Wilde’s speech about enduring “hellfire” the actress’ former nanny made more explosive comments in her second interview with The Daily Mail. As per the interview published by The Daily Mail on Tuesday, the nanny who has kept her identity anonymous alleged that Jason called Olivia “mediocre” and said she wanted the spotlight. The nanny further alleged that “now [Wilde] gets the spotlight because of Harry’s fame.”

Nanny claims Olivia ‘slept naked in the same bed with Sudeikis’ 

In her second interview, the former nanny of Sudeikis and Wilde’s kids made shocking accusations about the Booksmart director alleging that she slept naked in the same bed with Sudeikis and skinny dipped in their California home’s pool “just a month before” she “saw Olivia holding hands as a couple with Harry in the news” in January 2021.

Previously, the nanny claimed that Jason was heartbroken over his split and also blindsided by it. She also alleged that the actor tried to stop Olivia from meeting Harry and threw himself under his ex-wife’s car. Olivia and Jason released a joint statement calling out their former nanny who worked with them for nearly three years. The former couple slammed the “false and scurrilous accusations” made by her and maintained that it was “incredibly upsetting” to face the same as parents after the nanny who takes care of their young children made such claims. Wilde and Sudeikis added that they will continue to focus on protecting their children amid the scandal. 

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