New Naked Gun Movie In Development With Liam Neeson


A Naked Gun reboot starring iconic action actor Liam Neeson is in the works at Paramount Studios after three decades of no additions to the series.

A new Naked Gun movie starring actor Liam Neeson is in the works at Paramount Studios. Neeson is known for his fantastic performances in action and drama films, starring as Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises. He’s been nominated for one Academy Award and two Tony Awards. The next movie he is starring in is this winter’s Marlowe as the title character.

The Naked Gun comedy franchise, also known as Police Squad!, features a television show and three films that follow Detective Frank Drebin, played by Leslie Nielsen, as he takes on comedic mysteries while dealing with wacky shenanigans. Despite having less-than-average brains, Detective Frank won over audiences with his big heart and has been considered a comedic icon since the first film’s release. The Naked Gun films are noteworthy for spoofing detective and crime films, making for a series that makes fun of the clichés of this genre. The last film to release was Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult which premiered in 1994, almost three decades ago, though there has been talk of a reboot for some time.


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Deadline now reports that a reboot of the classic Naked Gun movies is in the works at Paramount Studios. The film has yet to be green-lit, but once Neeson closes on the movie it should be. No plot details have been released, but it has been revealed that Neeson could play the son of Detective Frank Drebin instead of taking on the famous role himself.

Can A Naked Gun Movie Reboot Work?

Despite Nielsen’s incredible performance as Detective Frank, his passing in 2010 prevents the original Drebin from returning to the franchise. However, a Naked Gun movie with the right actor starring as the detective would be great to bring to the screens. If Neeson is being considered to play the main detective character in this new Naked Gun film, whether it’s Detective Frank’s son or the famed Detective himself, it’s interesting to see how he will portray the character. With Neeson’s action and drama acting background, taking on a role that is meant to be very comedic in nature could be a fun twist for Neeson.

As the films were acclaimed by an older generation, a benefit of a Naked Gun reboot would be that it could appeal to people of all ages. Long-time fans who grew up on the movie might take their children to see it, as well as introduce them to the franchise itself. Just as fans showed up for the new Star Wars and Jurassic World movies, long-time fans of Naked Gun films would come to see a reboot if made, especially if the plot and casting were well-executed. While the hype surrounding these films may not be as large as billion-dollar franchises like Star Wars, a Naked Gun reboot could attract an eager audience to see an updated version of the story they love.

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