New Dragon Ball Card Game Rumors Surface After Bandai Namco Patent


A Bandai Namco patent may be hinting at a brand-new Dragon Ball digital card game, possibly as a replacement to the franchise’s current card game.

Rumors of an upcoming Dragon Ball digital trading card game have surfaced following a recent patent filed by Bandai Namco. While it began as a manga series, the beloved fantasy franchise has been adapted into an anime series and various video games over the years. A free DBZ: Kakarot card game update let players collect cards back in 2020, but now a full-fledged Dragon Ball Z digital trading card game may be on the way.

Various Dragon Ball Z video games have released in response to the franchise’s popularity, with October 14 seeing the launch of a truly original title called Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Rather than letting players control Goku and go toe-to-toe with powerful enemies, the game transforms the series into a multiplayer asymmetric survival game. The Breakers pits average citizens from the Dragon Ball universe against unrelenting foes like Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, forcing the team to cooperate and strategize in order to survive. Playing as a Raider in Dragon Ball: The Breakers does let fans wield overwhelming power, but Survivors can gang up on them to overwhelm them and achieve victory.


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While the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game was relaunched in 2017, Game Rant reports that a recent patent may hint at another card game coming in the near future. The patent features a redesigned interface for an online card game, with diagrams providing a demonstration of combat mechanics and sample card designs. Some details on the patent suggest that it may be related to a new digital version of the Digimon Collectible Card Game, but the recent success of the relaunched Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game suggests that th fantasy franchise may also be turned into a virtual card game too.

Dragon Ball Z Might Get A Digital Card Game

Along with Dragon Ball video games and collectible card games, a recent Dragon Ball crossover with Fortnite saw Goku and his allies step into the battle royale arena. The extensive collaboration added characters like Goku and Vegeta into the beloved shooter, complete with iconic moves like the Kamehameha. The update also included a themed quests and rewards, and a Dragon Ball Adventure Island let players visit landmarks from the franchise and relive Dragon Ball together as a team.

The relaunch of the Dragon Ball card game has been successful for Bandai Namco, so introducing a new digital format would be a logical step. However, the company’s patent could also be intended for a completely original card game unrelated to previous efforts. Details remain unclear, but it seems likely that a change in the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game is on the way.

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