New DayZ Update Secrets Of Livonia Adds Weapons & Underground Location


An extensive new DayZ update has added new weapons and locations to the multiplayer zombie survival game. While it began life as a mod for the military simulator ARMA 2, the title has since found a life of its own and has been supported by Bohemia Interactive for years. Following its very lengthy early access period DayZ released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2019, giving a range of players access to the in-depth survival simulator.

DayZ attempts to put a realistic spin on zombie survival, with players starting out with only the clothes on their backs and basic supplies. Once the game begins players must begin scavenging the game’s massive map for supplies, including necessities like water and weapons to defend themselves from zombies and other players. DayZ has grown over time, with Bohemia Interactive releasing a particularly large update last year. The 1.14 update added Contaminated Areas, which contain high-level loot but are very risky to explore. New hunting traps also help players find animals to eat, and the LE-MAS assault rifle grants massive firepower to players lucky enough to find it. This September 2021 DayZ update made big changes to the zombie survival simulator, and now Bohemia Interactive has released another large update.


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The DayZ 1.19 update, titled Secrets of Livonia, is available now and serves as the post-apocalyptic survival sandbox’s biggest update of 2022. A press release reveals that the update focuses on the DLC map Livonia, which now includes many new points of interest like sawmills, villages, hunting cabins and more. Livonia now also contains an abandoned underground military bunker, with players able to explore its dark corridors after finding special items needed to enter. The DayZ update also reworks vehicles, with the M1025 military vehicle​​​​​​​ being added to celebrate. New weapons in the 1.19 update include the SSG 82​​​​​​​ sniper rifle and the BK-18 shotgun, and a GPS receiver tool will help players navigate Livonia more easily.

While many toxic DayZ players make the game frustrating for others, the competitive nature of the game makes it an even more realistic survival simulator. Bend Studio’s Days Gone, another open-world zombie survival game, even drew inspiration from the DayZ community when designing its post-apocalyptic enemies. While it’s possible to cooperate with others in DayZ to fend off zombies and find resources, most players prefer to simply kill each other in a bid to find supplies. Sadly this would probably be realistic behavior in an apocalyptic event, making DayZ a very immersive experience.

DayZ may have started out as a mere mod, but through updates it has grown into a truly robust and realistic zombie survival simulator. The Secrets of Livonia update promises to be the most extensive piece of new content of 2022, adding creepy underground bunkers to explore and powerful new weapons to scavenge. This DayZ update is now live, so skilled survivors should strap on their gear and head back into the apocalyptic ruins of Livonia.

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