My Hero Academia Isn’t as Close to Ending as Fans Think, Creator Confirms


The creator of My Hero Academia has shocked his fans, hinting that his beloved manga may not be as close to its ending as previously believed. In December 2021, Kohei Horikoshi announced that, if everything went as he planned, My Hero Academia would reach its conclusion in about a year. However, a recent comment published on Weekly Shonen Jump rekindles hope for fans of the successful superhero manga.

During Jump Festa 2022, Kohei Horikoshi made the announcement that every manga fan dreads to hear: that their beloved series is about to conclude. This came as a bit of a surprise, as My Hero Academia is one of the most successful manga in recent years, and it is still very far from reaching the length of other iconic series such as Bleach, Naruto, and of course One Piece, which has long surpassed its 1,000th chapter. However, length is by no means a measure of the quality of a manga, and Horikoshi has simply almost reached the conclusion of the story he wanted to tell.


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Fans of My Hero Academia have thus been prepared for almost a year to see the series end. In fact, the story is clearly headed that way, with the final, epic battle between the assembled forces of the heroes and the villains led by All for One currently ongoing, and the fate of the world hanging by a thread. However, as the valiant heroes of this series have proved time and time again, hope never dies. As shared by Shonen Jumps News – Unofficial (@WSJ_manga), In the “authors’ comment” section published in Weekly Shonen Jump 45, Horikoshi wrote the following: “It’s been ten months since I said there was only about a year to go. I’m sorry.” While this could just be seen as an apology, other sources have translated that last sentence as “I’m reconsidering it.

My Hero Academia Will Not End As Soon As Expected

The most likely explanation is simply that the final arc of the manga will take longer to complete than expected. Mangaka are famous for giving inaccurate predictions on the length of their work, but that is a normal part of the serialization process. There are a lot of plot threads that have to be wrapped up during the epic battle that is raging in My Hero Academia, including Midoriya vs All for One, the second All for One body vs Hawks and Endeavor, Ochaco vs Toga, and Dabi vs Shoto. With such a huge cast of characters, and the understandable desire to give each one a little spotlight, Horikoshi probably wants to take longer than previously announced to make sure that everything plays out in the way he imagined it.

While it’s unlikely that Horikoshi has actually reconsidered ending the manga, which will still end with the conclusion of the current arc, fans of My Hero Academia can at least enjoy the fact that the day when they will have to say farewell to their beloved series is a little more far away than they thought.

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