Mirroring The Industry: Can Bollywood stop the PR games to downplay other actors and stay united for once?


It isn’t a secret anymore that the Hindi Film Industry is in the phase of rediscovering and reinventing itself. With the failures of some big-budget films, the biggest of the actors and producers are keeping a close eye on the content that is exciting the audience. However, some working for the ones who have tasted success off late, seem to be in a different tangent. A new PR game seems to have begun, wherein attempts are being made to downplay others (including some of the most celebrated superstars of Hindi Cinema) in an attempt to crown their own talent as the king.

It’s becoming more of a habit wherein a certain camp is celebrating the failure of everyone in the industry. The sooner the people realize, the better would it be as this isn’t the time to run a 500-meter marathon, but the moment calls for a team game of relay when everyone gets together to climb the mountain and overcome the difficulties. In today’s time, media houses too are not afraid to take clear sides and also make an attempt to please some talents at the cost of pulling others down. The practice existed in the 90s and 2000s too, but in the current scenario, when everyone is struggling the giants of the Hindi Film Industry in the PR and Talent Management front need to realize that drowning a fellow actor would also result in taking down the industry which is a source of bread and butter for them.

There are times when the actors themselves are not aware of what their team is communicating to the media. There are times when actors themselves put in pressure to pull others down to satisfy their own ego and blow their own trumpet. It’s a maze, that one can navigate in today’s world with the experience and the author can clearly sense an agenda against certain top actors. A pattern of wording in the articles also hints at them being serviced or leaked intentionally to the media.

In pre-pandemic times, social media influencers and bots were used to create negativity around feature films of actors ruling the roast. And now, the times have changed post-pandemic, as we see media houses being used by agencies and actors to pull down others. This used to happen with Salman Khan films earlier last decade and now, in the pandemic world, the mechanism of bots and media outlets is used to target Akshay Kumar films too. Earlier this year, it seemed like a one-off scenario, but the constant outburst of negative articles certainly hints at a segment from within the industry targeting the Khiladi. The external factors are always there to have a strict perspective on the actors and film industry, but the issue lies when the industry breaks into two parts with some unethical practices adopted by ones from within the industry.

It’s a wrong practice, as PR is conventionally known to maintain an equation between actors and the media, and be the bridge to build their image. But the definition is slowly changing due to certain insecurities, wherein the PR as also management agencies are used to do mud-slinging on the industry colleagues. Here’s hoping, we all stand united to fight all the demons and emerge bigger than these petty fights in the maze to satisfy the egos. It’s time to be together, for once, for the larger good of the industry. Let’s hope the actors learn. Let’s hope the talent management agencies learn. Let’s hope the PR agencies learn. Let’s hope, the media learns.

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