MCU’s Young Avengers Roster Is Complete Now


She-Hulk’s reveal of Bruce Banner’s son Skaar could be the missing piece for a long-awaited Young Avengers roster.

With the shocking She-Hulk: Attorney at Law reveal of Hulk’s son, Skaar, the lineup of the long-awaited MCU Young Avengers may be complete. The MCU is currently in a state of flux, as many of the heroes from the team that built the franchise into what it is today are gone. Marvel has been (not so subtly) building the next generation of heroes by slowly introducing them in recent projects. Audiences have been hopeful that this will lead to the climactic reveal of the Young Avengers. With the introduction of Skaar into the MCU, the team may now be complete.


As Marvel slowly started revealing members of the Young Avengers in the cinematic universe, one crucial member from the Young Avengers comic was still absent. Hulkling has not made an MCU appearance, now it is possible he never will. Skaar is likely to replace the character of Hulking in the Young Avengers team-up. With his on-screen debut, the Young Avengers could be officially complete.

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Why Skaar Should Join the Young Avengers

The MCU’s Phase 4 has introduced many of the Young Avengers that were part of the traditional team in the comics, as well as other young heroes that will probably be a part of the team when the Young Avengers finally unite on screen. It has been unclear where Hulkling was and when he would appear since his debut has been speculated as early as 2021’s WandaVision. Skaar is a perfect replacement for Hulking, since the MCU has been teasing the World War Hulk storyline since Thor: Ragnarok and it will give them a chance to explore it further.

It is also more logical for the MCU to use Skaar instead of Hulking since he was introduced in the Captain Marvel comics and it was revealed he was half-Skrull. With upcoming projects like Secret Invasion, The Marvels, and more exploration of Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, there is already a lot happening in the Skrull storyline. Having Skaar join the Young Avengers will allow his character and story more room to breathe and give more insight into Hulk himself.

The MCU’s Young Avengers Team As We Know It

Now that the lineup is believed to be complete, it is only a matter of time before the team finally comes together. In the comics, it was the Young Avengers who helped to take down Kang the Conqueror. The Young Avengers team could make its first official MCU appearance in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, which was announced at the 2022 D23 expo. While the Young Avengers have not been officially announced, it is possible that established heroes like Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Shuri (Letitia Wright) might join the team with some other comic book Young Avengers who have already made an appearance in the MCU.

Possible Young Avengers:

  • Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld in Hawkeye)
  • Billy & Tommy Maxioff (Julian Hilliard and Jett Klyne in WandaVision)
  • America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness)
  • Cassie Lang (Kathryn Newton in Ant-Man 3)
  • Eli Bradley (Elijah Richardson in Falcon and Winter Soldier)
  • Skaar (Wil Deusner in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)
  • Kid Loki (Jack Veal in Loki)
  • Ironheart (Dominique Thorne in Ironheart)

As the MCU gets closer to entering Phase 5, it is exciting to see the new direction they are taking the Marvel comics storylines and how they will continue the stories as the original cast is phased out. The Young Avengers have been long anticipated in the MCU and Skaar’s appearance means that Marvel is one step closer to revealing the official team up.

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