MCU: 10 Events Where Daredevil Should Have Died (& Only Survived Because Of Plot Armor)


Daredevil simply can’t just be killed off. It would ruin the potential narratives that could be told with the character in the future. While the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen enjoyed multiple seasons on Netflix and a Marvel Cinematic Universe cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he is now starring in Disney+’s latest release, She-Hulk.

Needless to say, Matt Murdock had to be protected in Daredevilwith some plot armor to achieve all of these massive appearances and contribute to the MCU in some way. Matt should have been dead many times over, especially in these specific circumstances.


10/10 Original Accident

Matt Murdock’s very origins involve a freak accident. He should have been dead, considering acid hit him at a young age, after a horrific car collision. Just because it was a part of his story though, the plot armor protected him so that he was given powers from the event.

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He was blinded, demonstrating the severity of the accident, but it’s the kind of incident that would usually kill off a leading character, rather than open the door to them becoming a hero. It’s one of the most violent origin stories in comic book history and was adapted to the screen accurately.

9/10 Punisher Fight

The Punisher has shown he has no fear in dispatching an opponent. He has even threatened and tried to kill allies like Micro. He understands that Daredevil is trying to fight the good fight, but if it was any other character they might have been shot on sight.

The rivalry between the two vigilantes became so intense and with Frank Castle gaining the upper hand, it was only the plot armor that saved Matt Murdock. There was a slightly redemptive arc for Punisher following the conflict, but for another character, it might have all played out differently.

8/10 Building Collapse

Teaming up with the Defenders, it always seemed that someone from the street level unit wouldn’t walk out alive. Somehow, it was Daredevil who seemingly ended up being the tragic loss for the team, only to miraculously survive the dangerous events of the show.

A whole building collapsed on top of Matt Murdock, but because there was a third season of Daredevil in the works, the plot armor allowed him to survive. Elektra might have died in the rubble, but considering the MCU is known for allowing characters to survive, perhaps that’s not the case either.

7/10 Nobu Battle

Nobu is one of the most well-trained members of the Hand and an elite assassin. He’s a powerful force and when Matt Murdock first faced him, he didn’t truly understand what he was fighting against. One specific battle saw Nobu slice through Daredevil’s costume again and again.

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Murdock was bleeding all over but stayed in the fight all the same. Anyone else would have succumbed to those wounds, as Nobu was the most experienced in the fight. A bit of luck involving some fire managed to help Daredevil win the day, but he never paid with his life.

6/10 The Hallway Fight

The very first hallway fight in Daredevil, with the character’s primitive costume and lack of experience, has to be one of the most brutal sequences in any Marvel project. Matt just keeps getting up and somehow survives against dozens of opponents.

He leaves the event dripping with blood and somehow not dead. It’s perhaps a testament to his fortitude, or more likely, more plot armor for the character to continue on his journey; this only took place early into the show after all. Other heroes have died in final confrontations like this.

5/10 Taking On The Kingpin

Taking on the Kingpin in battle is one thing, but standing against the force of the businessman himself is quite another. When Matt Murdock decided to dedicate his time to ridding New York of the criminal scum, he might never have known how dangerous it would be.

He survived the encounter despite the political power and resources at Fisk’s disposal. Even Murdock’s family and friends survived by some miracle, as Kingpin certainly had them in his sights multiple times. It was a battle that Murdock somehow won, but shouldn’t have walked out of so easily.

4/10 One On One With Wilson Fisk

Matt Murdock might have fought Kingpin in the courtrooms, but Daredevil fought him in the streets. Fisk is an imposing force, and unlike anything, Matt Murdock has had to battle against. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was at a major size disadvantage.

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In the first battle with Kingpin, he barely survived, but the conclusion of almost every season saw Daredevil soundly beat Wilson Fisk, even despite the huge mountain that was to climb. It’s a classic case of plot armor ignoring the logic of a scene for a heroic moment.

3/10 Facing Bullseye At Less Than 100%

Bullseye is an elite operator and wholly unstable. Wilson Fisk chose him for a specific reason and it was always going to be foolish for Daredevil to try to fight him, especially when he wasn’t at 100%. Bullseye can use any object as a deadly weapon.

Daredevil lost the fight against him, although not without getting a few licks in of his own first. Eventually, just like any inspirational quote uttered by the vigilante, Daredevil would rely on his anger and hope to beat the imposter and survive; even when it’s a miracle he lived in the first place.

2/10 Representing Spider-Man

Spider-Man was public enemy number one. He had so many threats levied against him, although it was fairly obvious that no one was going to go straight after him, as they were afraid of what the webhead could do to them, with his superpowers.

That didn’t stop damage control though. It’s purely because of his plot armor that the moniker of Daredevil wasn’t stripped away and discovered, due to Murdock involving himself in this case. What’s more, he could have very easily have been attacked as Spider-Man’s lawyer.

1/10 The Snap

It seems that Matt Murdock was not taken out by the snap and was continuing to operate in New York for all those years. The reason for this is simply plot armor. Marvel Studios have some kind of plan as to what the character was doing at that time.

Anyone who did survive the snap was kept for a specific reason, and it’s fairly obvious that Kingpin experienced the same thing, allowing for his rise once more. Perhaps some of the other Netflix characters were not so lucky with the way the snap was written for them.

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