Married At First Sight 7’s Danielle & Bobby’s 2022 Instagram Highlights


Danielle and Bobby Dodd are one of the most compatible couples to be matched on Married At First Sight, and with the duo doing better than ever since they met on season 7, here are some of their best Instagram highlights from 2022. MAFS season 7, which aired in 2018, introduced viewers to three couples from the Dallas area: Danielle and Bobby, Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson, and Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty. Although the other two MAFS season 7 couples struggled to be together and separated by the end of 2018, Danielle and Bobby were immediate fan favorites who were commended for their rock-solid communication skills.


Danielle and Bobby celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in March and continue to live in Dallas. Married At First Sight fans can find both stars on Instagram, and although Bobby‘s profile is semi-private and infrequently updated, Danielle consistently shares photos and videos with her followers. Check out some of the Dodd’s Instagram highlights of 2022 below to see what this successful Married At First Sight couple has been up to.

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Danielle Dodd Travels To Austin, Texas

Although some small states like Delaware and New Jersey only take a few hours to get through, it takes approximately 12 and 14 hours to drive from one end of Texas to the other. In May, the Dodd family spontaneously braved the almost-four hour drive from Dallas to Austin to see some of Danielle’s friends. Posing in front of a green wall with the text “I love you so much” spray-painted on, Danielle attached a photo of herself in the same area in 2014 shortly after she moved to the area from Washington. “Some nice lady asked if I wanted her to take a picture of all 3 of us, and I almost said no since I wasn’t “picture ready” but I’m glad I said yes!” Danielle captioned.

Danielle Dodd Wishes Bobby A Happy Father’s Day

Danielle and Bobby have two children together: Olivia, who was born in February 2019, and Robert “Bobby” Dodd IV, who was born in December 2020. Danielle frequently shares photos of her husband and children together on Instagram, and for Father’s Day 2022, Danielle uploaded a sweet video that featured a hilarious “About My Daddy” sheet filled out by Olivia. In addition to Olivia’s answers, which gave her father’s catchphrase as “I saw a deer,” Danielle included moments of her family napping together, playing on the beach, and learning the harmonica.

Danielle Dodd Shows Off Her Father’s Sense Of Style

While the Dodd family usually travel together, Danielle took the kids to see her Seattle hometown alone in July. Although Bobby had to miss a scheduled photo shoot, Danielle was joined by her parents and couldn’t resist showing off her father’s practical outfit in September. “If you followed my stories you remember me talking about my dad refusing to change out of a T-shirt and slides so here is his chosen outfit in all its glory,” Danielle captioned, which shows everyone with the MAFS star dressed up, except Danielle’s father. Danielle’s images from Seattle were complimented as a perfect mix of beautiful and humorous by online users, and many commented that Danielle’s father fit the beach theme perfectly. Danielle and Bobby had a great ride on Married At First Sight season 7, and if Danielle’s Instagram is anything to go by, the couple are doing even better than they were then.

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