Marlon Wayans & Priah Ferguson Interview: The Curse Of Bridge Hollow


Available in select theaters beginning October 7 and releasing on Netflix October 14, The Curse Of Bridge Hollow is just the right amount of spooky. Not quite falling into the horror category, the film’s comedic tone targets a family-friendly audience. It chronicles the adventures of a father and daughter as they team up to save their town from a swarm of cursed Halloween decorations.

The film stars Priah Ferguson, who has previously appeared in Netflix’s Stranger Things, and Marlon Wayans, who is best known for the Scary Movie films. In addition to starring in The Curse of Bridge Hollow, Wayans also serves as a producer. The rest of the cast includes Kelly Rowland, Rob Riggle, John Michael Higgins, Nia Vardalos, Lauren Lapkus, Holly J. Barrett, Myles Vincent Perez, Abi Monterey, and Helen Slayton-Hughes.


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Screen Rant chats with Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson about working together to create the film’s comedic father-daughter duo and how The Curse of Bridge Hollow differs from the Scary Movie franchise.

Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson Talk The Curse of Bridge Hollow

Screen Rant: Marlon, this is it’s obviously not your first film in the spooky genre, but it is very different from your other films like Scary Movie. The Curse of Bridge Hollow can be for a younger or older audience. Is that part of what drew you to this project?

Marlon Wayans: Yeah, I think it was just time to grow up a little bit, you know? I started off doing parody and horror-parody and then A Haunted House was like horror-comedy, but it was a lot edgier. And I was just like, “I’m fifty. I want to do a movie that is nice enough for my entire family—something for my kids to see.” So I did this one, and it’s a really sweet funny horror-comedy, and I’m proud of it. Too bad my kids are too d*mn old to appreciate it, probably, but I tried.

Priah, how was working with Marlon and vice versa?

Marlon Wayans: Best experience of her life.

Of course! You guys have this dynamic father-daughter relationship going on in there.

Priah Ferguson: The chemistry was there. He gave me advice on set, which was really really fun. I learned a lot from his technique. He says he learned a lot from me, which…

Marlon Wayans: I did! I did. And you bring a joy to the set and it’s just fun and it’s just an ease. You have such an ease about you. All of us will be sitting there stressing and she just walks in and she hits her mark and does her thing like, “That easy, huh?” Less is more.

Well, The Walking Dead zombies are what got me, so which Halloween decoration did you each find the spookiest in this film?

Marlon Wayans: I honestly thought the skeletons were scary. That’s why I was chopping them in half with such force. I really wanted them dead.

Priah Ferguson: I thought the clowns were scary. But I have a fear of clowns, so…

Fair! Very fair. How much of this movie was special effects and CGI? When you’re fighting these creatures, I had to wonder, “What are they actually looking at?”

Marlon Wayans: None of them were there.

I did assume that much!

Marlon Wayans: A lot of it was CGI. A lot of it was, you know, “It’s over there!” and it’s like, “Oh my god, it’s a spider!” but there isn’t a spider there. It’s a tennis ball on a stick that you’re following for the eyeline, but that’s the beauty of our job—is making the make-believable believable. And the clowns were there, but I knew it was the stunt guys dressed in costumes. I wasn’t really scared of them. So a lot of it is just make-believe. You put yourself in that situation, but there are a lot of special effects, and they look really great in this movie. I’m very proud of that.

Marlon, your character is not a huge fan of Halloween, but do you like it?

Marlon Wayans: I love it as an adult. I love the costumes, the ingenuity of the costumes, and the way that women find some kind of way to make a scantily clad version of every last single character ever made. When I saw Sexy Smurfette, I almost lost it.

About The Curse of Bridge Hollow

A father (Marlon Wayans) and his teenage daughter (Priah Ferguson) are forced to team up and save their town after an ancient and mischievous spirit causes Halloween decorations to come to life and wreak havoc.

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The Curse Of Bridge Hollow is available to stream on Netflix.


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