Maci Bookout Admits Teen Mom Is ‘Great’ Sex Ed For Her Son Bentley


Maci Bookout explained that watching Teen Mom is great sex education for her son. Maci, who was born and raised in Tennessee, got her claim to fame when she appeared in Teen Mom season 1. She came on the MTV show at the age of 16 while pregnant with the baby of her boyfriend at the time, Ryan Edwards. Their son, Bentley, was born in October 2008. Throughout her time on Teen Mom, fans watched Maci and Ryan struggle with the reality of having a baby before they turned 18, juggling school and home life, and their relationship struggles. They ultimately wound up ending their relationship in 2010 due to the toll of early parenting getting the best of them. Maci has since married the love of her life, Taylor McKinney, and together they went on to have two kids together.


In a recent interview with Page Six, Maci went on to explain why she thinks that watching the Teen Mom would be good for her son and other kids his age because it shows them real life situations. Maci believes that it doesn’t get as real as Teen Mom season 1 did and that it shows kids exactly how hard it is to have a baby, let alone to have a baby at the young age of 16. Through Teen Mom, Maci was able to showcase to the world the difficulties of a broken engagement, trying to stay in school while parenting, and the intensities that came with Ryan’s eventual drug addiction and disinterest in helping her parent their son.

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Maci Bookout Talks To Her Son About Sex Education

Though many people were worried that airing such a show would glorify the idea of teenage pregnancy, Maci believes that it is actually doing the opposite. While some might argue that young women might become pregnant just to get their shot at being on Teen Mom and becoming famous, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Watching these young women go through pregnancy, experiencing the pains of childbirth, and having to give up their teenage social lives to be a mom shouldn’t seem worth the risk just for fame. In fact, a study done by the National Bureau Of Economic Research found that Teen Mom was actually a factor in a decline in underage pregnancies.

Maci Bookout Shares Her Struggles With PCOS

Maci finds herself often speaking out to educate others on not just underage pregnancies but also the struggles of PCOS, co-parenting with an addict, and mental well-being. She has a great relationship with all of her kids, in which they can talk and discuss important issues such as these. But for her now 13-year-old son Bentley, it will definitely make the struggles of puberty much easier. For Bentley, watching his mom as a teenager on TV might be embarrassing to see, but it is a good way to get a message across to him.

Maci is able to show Bentley everything that she went through to have him and why it is so important to wait until financial maturity to have a child and why practicing safe sex is important as well. Maci was definitely a fan-favorite on Teen Mom and came across as the most level-headed and mature cast member. Through every struggle she faced, she held her head high, remained strong, and has continued to walk the path of success to this day, allowing her to educate parents and teens alike on the struggles of underage pregnancy.

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