Lisa Rinna Got Interviewed By A Reporter She Blocked And It’s Peak Awkward


At first, it looked like she apprehensively made her way, not sure whether she should go in for a hug or not. “Hi, you,” she said.

“[You’re] one of the many that I’ve blocked,” Lisa said.

“But don’t take it personally, ’cause I’ve blocked everybody.”

Brice then said, “I just hope once the season’s over, you’ll hit unblock because I miss the dancing,” referencing Rinna’s iconic dancing videos on Instagram.

And Lisa obliged. “I’ll unblock you — it was for my mental health. I had to do it.”

At first, I thought the two had drama, since Rinna tends to be — as Andy Cohen says — a “mess” online, but I reached out to Brice on Instagram, and he told me that Rinna actually blocks all reporters and Bravo accounts on Instagram as a way to protect her mental health.

Seems like a very, very Rinna thing to do. You can watch the full clip here.


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