Lex Luthor Is Finally Building the Perfect Anti-Superman Weapon


Lex Luthor has been trying to defeat Superman for years and now he may actually have a shot thanks to alien technology and a broken-down villain.

Warning: SPOILERS for Action Comics #1047!It seems that Lex Luthor has all the elements he needs to finally destroy Superman for good. Action Comics #1047 brings back an old enemy of Superman’s that may be getting a seriously powerful upgrade courtesy of the Man of Steel’s oldest villain.

While the world at large adores Superman, Lex has harbored an animosity towards the hero since he revealed himself to the world. Threatened at the prospect of humanity relying upon an extraterrestrial as it’s savior, Luthor dedicated his immense knowledge and capital to bringing down Superman permanently. From hi-tech battle suits, to clones, and even becoming president, Lex Luthor has done everything he can think of to rid the Earth of Superman. Unfortunately for him though, the Big Blue Boy Scout remains just as active as ever. If one thing has become clear throughout all of Luthor’s plans, it’s that he can’t take down Superman alone.


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Which may be why he’s recruiting another member of Superman’s rogues gallery to build possibly the most effective weapon that could actually kill Clark Kent. In Action Comics #1047 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and David Lapham, Superman has finally returned to Earth after his mission to liberate the people of Warworld from Mongul. No one takes notice of the hero’s return more than his longtime nemesis Lex Luthor, who sends a remotely controlled suit of armor to investigate the recently freed planet. Lex investigates the remnants of Mongul’s rule, remarking on the stories he’s heard of the technologies utilized on Warworld. Lex takes what he finds and pays a visit to Metallo in Stryker’s Island Penitentiary. The villain is in quite the rough shape and demands that Lex leave him alone. But Luthor offers a chance for Metallo to improve himself with technology Lex has swiped from Warworld.

While Superman was on Warworld, he was witness to a number of bizarre creations at the hands of Mongul’s champion, Teacher. Aside from developing the mysterious and powerful Orphan Boxes, Teacher was able to turn Superman’s teammates Lightray and OMAC into nightmarish warriors for Mongul. The technologies available on Warworld are capable of making people much more powerful and Lex seems to think that Metallo is the perfect person in need of augmentation.

Metallo is infamously known for the kryptonite heart he possesses, which makes him one of Superman’s most dangerous rogues. But Superman has fought John Corben enough to work around his weakness to kryptonite. What Metallo really needs is a more powerful form, particularly one that exceeds the limits of Earth’s technology. Lex knows that someone like Metallo has potential, but is pretty useless in his current condition. However, if Lex believes that the technology he’s gathered from Warworld has a chance at turning Corben into an effective weapon, he’s absoltuely going to take it. By fusing the Warworld tech and Metallo, Lex Luthor may finally be making the perfect weapon to realize his dream of killing Superman.

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