League Of Legends Reveals New Champion K’Sante In Action-Packed Trailer


The newest champion coming to League of Legends, the tonfa-wielding warrior K’Sante, has been revealed in a new, action-packed cinematic.

The newest champion in League of Legends, the mighty warrior K’Sante, has been revealed in a new trailer. League of Legends is a staple of the MOBA genre, enjoying worldwide popularity and an enduring eSports scene. While Riot has begun to expand its catalog of games with releases like Valorant and Legends of Runeterra, League of Legends remains the developer’s most recognizable game.

League of Legends has remained popular almost since its initial launch in 2009, having received a steady stream of new champions, balance changes, and game updates over the years. Recent champions like Nilah, as well as Bel’Veth in League of Legends Patch 12.11, have brought the game’s roster to just over 160 unique characters. With League of Legends‘ yearly Worlds tournament currently underway for 2022, Riot has taken advantage of the hype to unveil the next champion coming to the game.


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In an action-packed cinematic on the League of Legends YouTube channel, Riot has revealed K’Sante, a powerful new tank soon to be released in-game. The trailer details K’Sante’s backstory as a mighty warrior whose pride drove a wedge between himself and his partner, highlighting it as a flaw that he has since worked to overcome. Additionally, the trailer shows K’Sante in action, using his signature tonfas to overcome a monstrous predator in battle and showcasing a defining character aspect where he turns his seemingly defensive, blunt weapons into lethal blades. Notably, K’Sante will also be the recipient of the upcoming Lil Nas X League of Legends champion skin, celebrating the artist’s collaboration with the game in creating the Worlds 2022 anthem, STAR WALKIN’. He is being touted by Riot as a “high skill top lane tank,” but details about his full kit have yet to be shared.

League of Legends Cinematic Introduces New Champion K’Sante

As League of Legends‘ roster continues to grow, new characters can sometimes struggle to occupy a unique space in the game. For example, the champion preceding K’Sante, Nilah, has a unique function as a melee bot lane carry that synergizes with supports who apply heals and buffs. It remains to be seen how K’Sante will compare to the numerous tanks already present in the game’s massive lineup.

League of Legends is the cornerstone of Riot’s success, and at least partially responsible for the company’s ability to launch other popular titles like Valorant. With more on the way from Riot, including the potentially free-to-play fighting game Project L, fans of the developer’s original game will likely be happy to see that it isn’t being left behind. With more details on K’Sante forthcoming, many players will likely be looking forward to the release of League of Legends‘ new champion.

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