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Larsa Pippen has taken a bit of a step back with her popular OnlyFans account — and it’s all because of her father!

The 48-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star made an appearance at BravoCon 2022 over the weekend and explained her current situation on the subscription-based platform. She also revealed key details about how much money she makes off the NSFW site. And it’s a TON!!

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According to Scottie Pippen‘s ex herself, she slowed down a bit in posting on OnlyFans after her father asked her to pull it back. She wasn’t doing nudes, just sexy pics, as she has explained before, but the fact that she was even on the viral subscription site was apparently enough of a cause for concern for her dad.

Speaking to panel host Michael Rapaport at the convention this weekend, Larsa explained how she abruptly got a call from her dad asking her to stop! She relayed how he had apparently been getting calls from friends about it:

“I was very active on OnlyFans. I love the platform; I think it’s amazing. My dad said a lot of people were calling him about my OnlyFans. And he called and was like, ‘I don’t know what OnlyFans is, but you need to shut it down.’ And since he did that, he took my sexy feel away. He just took it!”

Remember, she’s 48! She can do what she wants! We’re unclear whether it was Daddy saying NO or just the fact he knew it existed at all. But whatever did it, losing that “sexy” feel hurts. Ugh!!

She’s still got a profile on the site, so the reality TV veteran didn’t “shut it down” completely. But she did slow down. And it’s hurt her subscriber numbers, as she told Rapaport and Bravo exec Andy Cohen.

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Still, she has one HUGE thing working in her favor: her Arabic language background! While Larsa was born and raised in Chicago, her father is from Syria and her mother is from Lebanon. She grew up speaking Arabic at home — and that has helped her now when it comes to marketing herself online!

She explained:

“I feel like a lot of people follow me on OnlyFans because I speak Arabic … I feel like that’s my community of people, so I do feel that’s probably why my numbers are up.”


See?! There’s proof it can pay to learn multiple languages. LOLz!

Anyways, when Andy asked Larsa about the biggest amount of money she’s ever earned on the digital platform, she said:

“Well, it depends how many posts do you have, how many photos. But I feel like probably $200,000.”

SORRY, WHAT?! Incredulous, Andy responded:

“At one time?”

And Larsa clarified:

“No, within, like, two weeks from the same person.”

What?! Still! One guy dropped $200,000 on her in two weeks?? No shade to Larsa at all, but WTF?!?!

When Cohen questioned whether she was getting naked for that insane amount of money, she replied:

“Nothing. It’s actually someone from the Middle East. I don’t do nudes, so it’s not anything.”

It’s gotta be something. $200k without even nudes?? Wow. It takes all kinds, we suppose… We’re clearly in the wrong business tho!! And be “we” we mean everyone else alive! Ha!!

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