Kanye West’s big reveals on White Lives Matter drama, Kim Kardashian from Tucker Carlson interview


Kanye West has been embroiled in controversy following his recent appearance at the Paris Fashion Week where he wore a t-shirt that quoted “White Lives Matter.” After receiving backlash for the same, Kanye went on to target those who criticised him by launching an online attack on them, especially fashion editor and writer Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

Kanye’s (legally Ye) posts soon escalated into a rant against several people including the likes of Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber who came out in support of Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. Hadid even went on to call Kanye a “bully” as she reacted to his post. Although West’s posts weren’t only related to the White Lives Matter controversy and soon he also dragged his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her family into the same.  After deleting most of his posts from Instagram, West appeared in an interview with Tucker Carlson where he addressed his views regarding his recent social media outburst. Here’s a look at the rapper’s bombshell revelations. 

Kanye defends wearing White Lives Matter shirt 

After receiving massive backlash for wearing a t-shirt that delivers a message which has been synonymous with white supremacists, Kanye revealed what inspired him to wear the t-shirt and maintained that he does certain things from feeling and out of his instincts and “connection to god.” The rapper also added that he thought it was “funny” the idea of him wearing it. Ye at one point also mentioned, “God is preparing us for the real battles” while speaking about getting inspired to wear the controversial outfit. 

On Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS being ‘overly Sexualized’

Ye also spoke about ex Kim Kardashian’s brand SKIMS and claimed that it based on a “lot of the Yeezy ideas.” The rapper also stated he has been uncomfortable with the brand’s sexual imagery and feels that the brand is “overly sexualised” and doesn’t want his daughters doing the same to sell their product in the future.” West also claimed that he had to use his relationships in the fashion industry to establish Kim in order for people to wear her line. Not only that, but the rapper also came down on the brand’s investment claiming that he was not aware that Josh Kushner owned a 10% stake, while he owned 5%. 

Kanye calls comments on Lizzo’s weight ‘genocide of the Black race’

Among the many things he discussed during the interview, Kanye also dragged his “good friend” Lizzo while giving his controversial opinion on the body positivity movement. Kanye said that “bots” on Instagram attack Lizzo for losing weight, because the media wants to put out a perception that being overweight is the new goal. The rapper further added, “It’s actually clinically unhealthy. For people to promote that, it’s demonic. It’s a genocide of the Black race. They want to kill us in any way they can.”

Did he stalk Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson? 

Kanye briefly also mentioned how he was accused of stalking Kim Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson after he moved in a house next door to his ex-wife. Addressing the same in his interview with Tucker, Ye said that the media “ridiculed” him and that he bought the house to be close to their children.

Fashion industry wants Kim to put her ‘a** out’ 

According to Ye, the fashion industry has been deviating Kim from her faith. The rapper maintained that he wanted his ex-wife to remain faithful to Christianity and added that Kim is a Christian yet the industry wants her “put her a** out.” He added that “While she’s a 40-something-year-old multi-billionaire with four black children and this is how fashion, how they want to present her.” 

Being pro-life and his relationship with Donald Trump 

Kanye represented his stance on being anti-abortion by wearing a picture of an ultrasound emblazoned around his neck. The rapper explained why he wore the same saying, “It just represents life. I’m pro-life.” The rapper claimed that he cares about more black babies being aborted and claimed, “50% of Black death in America is abortion.”  As for his relationship with the former US President Trump, he said he likes Trump because, “All the values, the conservative values, just line up. Come on man, Trump’s the s**t. He has his own buildings.”

Kanye’s interview comments about his ex-wife and her family in his recent interview with Carlson also came after he was recently called out by Khloe Kardashian on Instagram for “tearing down” her sister and dragging their family in between everything.

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