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Jersey Shore is all about the individual cast members who together, make up one big happy and dysfunctional family. They each branch off into their own little cliques as well, though. The ladies have their “girls’ days,” while the boys do their gym, tan, laundry “GTL” thing.

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However, there are some great duos on the show. Some are romantic, others are pure trouble when they get together, and some are so toxic that it’s tough not to love what happens when they interact.


10 Ronnie And Nicole

While Ronnie has taken a break from the show, with one of the nicest things the cast of Jersey Shore has ever done urging him to get help, fans loved seeing his interactions with Nicole whenever they would get up to all-night shenanigans. Whether it was after the club or whatever events the group got up to, Nicole and Ronnie would continue the festivities.

They would show up anywhere and everywhere, partying well into the morning. They would usually arrive back at the house when everyone else was just waking up, still not having slept. It was always fun and giggles between the two who shared a special bond and loved to “spiral” together. Under different circumstances, their pairing might rank much higher on the list.

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9 Deena And Angelina

Deena is one of the only people who stood up for Angelina when the whole group was fighting. She wanted to welcome Angelina back into the group and always defended her. Meanwhile, it was rare that Angelina and Deena ever fought.

After the big “wedding speech” incident, however, the boys thought all was lost among the girls. But thanks to some crafty planning, they managed to get Deena and Angelina in the same room and the two were the first to talk it out and repair their friendship. Since then, they have been closer than ever.

8 Nicole And Angelina

Nicole and Angelina also have a great friendship, with Nicole being one of the first ones to welcome Angelina back into the group after she showed up as part of a prank by Pauly. Nicole met with Angelina for brunches where they shared laughs, and she invited her out with the rest of the family.

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While they butt heads sometimes, especially when Nicole’s alter-ego Dren comes out, like at Jenni’s birthday, in the end, they are there for one another. While Nicole might talk about Angelina, all she really wants is for her friend to be truly happy.

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7 Mike And Laurens

Mike and Lauren, who he and the group affectionately call “Laurens,” have a seemingly wonderful marriage. Old college sweethearts who broke up after Mike was cast on the show, the pair found their way back to one another and began dating again while Mike was on his journey to sobriety.

Laurens stuck with Mike – the most likable cast member on Jersey Shore – through his toughest times. And it paid off, as he managed to not only clean himself up but adjust his mindset completely. They are sweet together as husband and wife and best friends and fans love seeing their interactions.

6 Mike And Jenni

The epic, often-discussed backhand punch incident from the original show aside, Mike and Jenni have a brother-sister-like relationship. He even asked Jenni to be his godmother when he decided to get re-baptized as an adult because he couldn’t find his baptismal certification from when he was a child.

They live close to one another and thus are neighbors as well, and have a beautiful, purely platonic bond that makes them the envy of any pair of friends. When drama is about to unfold, Mike will likely call Jenni or vice versa to go over it all before discussing it with the group. They are friends, confidants, and sometimes even co-conspirators in some of the drama.

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5 Mike And Pauly

While Mike asked Jenni to be his godmother for his adult baptism, he asked Pauly to be his godfather. The two, part of the “MVP” guys group (which stands for Mike, Vinny, Pauly), are like brothers.

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Pauly has gone out of his way to be there for Mike, delivering elaborate gifts for a variety of events, including his sobriety anniversary, his proposal to Laurens, and even his wedding. Pauly and Mike were close friends since the original series and they are two of the roommates who rarely ever fought with one another. It is always just a good time with the two of them.

4 Nicole And Jenni

Nicole and Jenni are best friends, giving them a special relationship that can’t be rivaled by the others. They help each other through tough times, share details about drama and controversy going on within the family, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Their friendship is one of the purest on the show. They rarely fight and always have a good time together, whether they are relaxing by a pool or dancing it up at a club. When one has to deal with something going on with another in the group, or even in their personal lives, they reach out to each other for help and advice.

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3 Angelina And Vinny

Angelina and Vinny might be at one another’s throats all the time on Jersey Shore, but that also makes them entertaining to watch. In fact, some of the best Angelina episodes of Jersey Shore involve her interactions with Vinny in some way. It always seems like one says something to rile the other up, typically an insult.

They sometimes act like an old married couple but their fights have quickly gone from silly food fights to serious, with rumors being spread and feelings being hurt. Nonetheless, the two have a dynamic that makes them fun to watch, even if they irritate and embarrass the roommates when they fight in public.

2 Nicole And Deena

When two people together have a nickname for their antics, it’s clear their partnership is one of the best. Known as “The Meatballs,” Deena and Snooki always have a great time when they get together. It usually involves a lot of wine consumption, dancing, and silly moments.

In one of the season 5 episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, the pair decided to film their own mock talk show, interviewing Angelina as a guest. They had the guys record them and pretend to be cameramen and even did silly fake laughs and commercial intermissions. They are always a fun watch for fans.

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1 Pauly D And Vinny

Fans can’t resist the pairing of Pauly D and Vinny, who are the perfect example of a bromance. The pair are so close, they even held a mock bro wedding in one of the most underrated moments on Jersey Shore.

They fight and make up like a married couple, have fun with one another, and Vinny even loves standing in for Pauly’s actual girlfriend, Nikki, during couple’s activities on the show, or serving as the awkward third wheel. No matter the scenario, the pair are always entertaining together.

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