Impressive D&D Beholder Pumpkin Carving Is A Nat 20


A Dungeons & Dragons fan has created an impressive pumpkin carving of the game’s iconic and terrifying beholder monster in time for Halloween.

Beholders are among the most fearsome monsters in Dungeons & Dragons, which is why an enterprising D&D fan has created an impressive pumpkin carving of the creature for Halloween. The scariest Dungeons & Dragons campaign moments are the ones when DMs pull out figures for certain terrifying D&D monsters, such as dragons, mind flayers, rust monsters, or aboleths, and the beholder might be the scariest of the bunch.

Beholders are among the few D&D monsters that are native to the game and don’t originate from another literary source. The beholders of the D&D multiverse are floating spheres with eye stalks, a massive central eye, and a huge mouth filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth. The eye stalks can each fire a powerful magical blast, but the central eye is the scariest of them all, as it projects a cone of antimagic, robbing the players of their spells and magic items while they are in range. Beholders have spaceships in D&D‘s Spelljammer campaign, which means players can encounter entire fleets of eye tyrants out in wildspace.


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A Reddit user by the name of Commander_Peanuts posted a gallery of images to the r/somethingimade page. They created an impressive pumpkin carving of one of D&D‘s beholder monsters, complete with teeth, a massive central eye, and even the eyestalks. The pumpkin is shown to be bigger than a human head in the final photo, putting it on a similar scale as some of the smaller beholder variants in D&D, like the magic-eating gauth.

Build A D&D Pumpkin Beholder For Halloween

The beholder has been the source of many iconic D&D monster minis released over the years, on par with the iconic dragon-riding D&D villain Lord Soth. The beholder itself has a Challenge Rating of 13 (14 if it’s in its lair), so most parties will rarely encounter one, and if they do, they rarely live to tell the tale. A lot of DMs like to keep figures for the beholder to hand, just to see the look of terror on their players’ faces when it gets placed onto the battle map.

Beholders are the perfect choice for a Halloween pumpkin carving, as they’re already an ideal shape, and they’re sturdy enough to hold up the eyestalks that appear on the top half of its body. The mechanical modron monsters from D&D‘s upcoming Planescape campaign setting could also be used, as they’re spherical, but they’re not as scary as beholders. The only thing from Dungeons & Dragons that would make for a scarier pumpkin carving is a Sphere of Annihilation, but that would require a fair bit of explanation on the part of the carver, so maybe the beholder is the better choice.

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Source: Commander_Peanuts/Reddit


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