How to Upgrade Tools in Coral Island


To upgrade tools in Coral Island, players must deliver resources from their farm and the Cavern to the Blacksmith located near the Woodlands.

To achieve higher efficiency when doing farmwork in Coral Island, players must upgrade their tools, which include the Hoe, Axe, Pickaxe, and Watering Can. The Fishing Pole and Scythe are currently static in their capabilities and therefore do not need to be upgraded. As for the other tools, improving the standard Hoe into a Bronze Hoe will enable players to till more land tiles with a single swing. Likewise, the Pickaxe can break and mine more effectively if changed into the Bronze Pickaxe.


To upgrade one’s tool in Coral Island, players must visit the Sanchez Brothers Blacksmith, an establishment operated by Rafael and Pablo. The Blacksmith’s building is located north of Starlet Town’s central area near the Woodlands. The Woodlands stone lamp is also the fast travel point players will use to quickly access the Blacksmith from their home or the Cavern. However, those still in the early portion of the main questline will only be able to use the Lake Temple stone lamp and travel west to the Sanchez Brothers’ shop.

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After arriving at the Blacksmith in Coral Island, islanders can speak with Rafael or Pablo and select “Upgrade Tools” in the dialogue options. This action will open a window displaying all the tools within the players’ inventory in this farming sim. Choose the tool to be upgraded and pay the required cost in money and resources. Similar to Stardew Valley, this process will take an entire in-game day.

Using the Blacksmith to Upgrade in Coral Island

Once a day has passed, players can return to Sanchez Brothers Blacksmith to receive their upgraded tool in Coral Island. Keep in mind that these early upgrades cost around 2,000 Coins each, which is a hefty sum for those in the early game. Furthermore, several stacks of Wood and Bronze Bars are required for Rafael and Pablo to improve the device.

According to YouTube content creator Quick Tips, players can get Bronze Bars by smelting Bronze Ore in a crafted Furnace. The recipe for this farming sim item becomes available after players have leveled up their Mining Mastery, which can be done by mining in the Cavern’s mines. While exploring the mines, islanders will find Coal and Bronze Ore. Place five ores and one coal into the Furnace to produce a single ingot. Once players have five Bronze Bars, they can be able to upgrade their tools at the Blacksmith in Coral Island. As mentioned above, be sure to plan out a day’s work without using the specific tool since it cannot be equipped when it is in the shop.

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