How to Unlock The Void Ark in Final Fantasy 14


The Void Ark is one of the raids available in the Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward expansion. This guide will show players how they can unlock it.

The Void Ark is a challenging raid that players can take on in Final Fantasy XIV ever since the Heavensward expansion. Up to 24 players can participate in this raid, which is part of the larger Shadow of Mhach raid series. In order to unlock this raid, FFXIV players will first have to complete the “Sky Pirates” quest by speaking to Rontremont at Camp Cloudtop. Once players complete this quest, they will unlock the next quest, which gives them access to the raid.


If players are following Final Fantasy XIV’s larger story, this Alliance Raid is necessary to prevent the resurrection of the Shadow Queen. This challenging FFXIV raid will task players to slay three tough bosses called Cetus, Cuchulainn, and Echidna. Due to the demanding nature of this raid, players must team up with players who are efficient and effective at their roles.

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The Void Ark raid is the first-ever 24-player raid introduced in FFXIV‘s Heavensward expansion and requires players have items levels of at least 175 or higher to participate. Additionally, players must bring 12 DPS players, six healers, and three tanks to take down this challenging battle. Although, there are specific requirements players must complete before they have access to this raid battle. Here is what is required in this Final Fantasy XIV raid battle to unlock it.

How To Unlock The Void Ark in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the Void Ark, there are a few things players will need to complete first.

  • Players must complete the “To Rule the Skies” quest and be level 60 to accept this quest from Utata at the Sea of Clouds (X:25.5, Y:5.2).
  • Players will also need to complete the prerequisite “Sky Pirates” quest and need to be level 60 to accept this quest from the Unquiet Trader from the Pillars.

Once these requirements are met, players will gain access to the Void Ark raid battle. Once players beat the three bosses and complete this raid, each party will receive a reward apart from the other valuable loot they might gather. Every party in the alliance will receive a treasure chest, and the content of this chest will be the same no matter which route players take. Apart from the Void Ark loot, players can also get rewarded with a Coffin Lid, which can be used for crafting, and a Wind-up Echidna minion.

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