How To Unlock The Blueprints Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley


The Blueprints Table is a workbench in Disney Dreamlight Valley that enables players to spend Star Coins to purchase new Blueprints for pieces of Furniture. Typically, Dreamers unlock recipes and Blueprints by completing Friendship Quests, leveling up Friendships, or discovering crafting materials found in newly accessed biomes across the Valley. However, some of these schematics, such as the pirate shipwreck-style Helm Bookshelf or ancient Mossy Eye-Carving Stone Furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley, are obtained exclusively through the Blueprints Table.


To unlock the Blueprints Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must complete a Friendship Quest with Prince Eric called “Back on the Waves.” This quest becomes available after reaching Friendship Level 7 with the prince. Those who still have not brought Eric back to the Valley must unlock the Forest of Valor, the Frosted Heights, and the Forgotten Lands and achieve Friendship Level 10 with Ariel and Ursula. After completing “A Deal with Ursula,” players can build Eric’s Castle, after which they can summon the prince back to the Village.

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Increasing Friendship with Villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not easy, but players can quickly achieve Level 7 with Prince Eric by gifting him dozens of Flower found across the Valley. Flowers are effortless to find and can be accumulated relatively quickly once all the biomes have been unlocked in the world. Accordingly, repeatedly give Prince Eric Flowers to increase his Friendship up to Level 7 and accept the quest that unlocks Blueprints Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Eric’s Blueprints Table In Disney Dreamlight Valley

During “Back on the Waves,” players will be tasked with repairing a Broken Compass. This objective can be fulfilled by gathering Iron Ingots ×4, Tinkering Parts ×6, and Crystals ×8. Iron Ingots are refined materials crafted from Iron Ore, a mineral obtained from mining nodes in the Glade of Trust, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and Forgotten Lands. According to Dot Esports, Tinkering Parts are items made from two Iron Ingots, meaning that players must craft twelve Iron Ingots to create the necessary number of parts. Finally, Crystals are a special resource from the Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After collecting and crafting all the required materials in “Back on the Waves,” have Wall-E repair the Compass before returning it to Prince Eric. Eric will then meet with the players in his Castle and introduce them to the Blueprints Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once unlocked, this table can be found in Eric’s Castle, letting players visit anytime to see if there are any new Blueprints they want to purchase.

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