How To Set Up And Use Google Fi On The Pixel Watch


The new Pixel Watch comes in both Wi-Fi and LTE variants and can be set up with a Google Fi plan to send texts, make calls, and use data.

Google‘s new Pixel Watch comes in both Wi-Fi and LTE variants, allowing Google Fi to be used with the smartwatch. With access to Fi, the Pixel Watch gains multiple new features and the ability to be somewhat of a smartphone replacement in many areas, such as texting, calling, and data connectivity. With Samsung’s Galaxy Watch already being so established in this space, it will be interesting to see if the Pixel Watch will be as popular with Android users, or be relegated to primarily Pixel users.


The Pixel Watch was released alongside the Pixel 7 series, comes with a few key differentiating features, including Wear OS 3.5 and deep integration with Fitbit. Google’s new smartwatch also comes with several customization options, thanks to over 20 official band styles that buyers can pick up from Google’s online store.

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Setting up Google Fi on the Pixel Watch is not very difficult, but does require a few steps to work properly. First, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on both the Android device with Fi and the Pixel Watch. Next, download the Google Pixel Watch app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your new Pixel Watch and be sure to select the Google Fi account on the screen to set up cellular services by tapping ‘Set up or buy a plan.’ In order to prevent any errors during setup, make sure that the Google Fi, Pixel Watch, and Wear OS Android apps are all up to date, the Fi account being used is logged in on all the apps, and the Fi account is active.

Not All Google Fi Plans Are Eligible

In order to use Google Fi on the Pixel Watch, you must have an existing Fi account and any Fi-compatible Android device. It’s also important to note that Google Fi operates differently on the Pixel Watch depending on the plan being used. If you’re on the Simply Unlimited Plan, the Pixel Watch won’t be purchasable and the plan needs to be changed to a Flex or Unlimited Plus plan. Similarly, if you change to the Simply Unlimited plan later on, Fi connectivity will only be available when the phone and watch are connected through Bluetooth. Those on the Flexible or Unlimited Plus plans can use Google Fi on the Pixel Watch even without a connection to their Fi phone.

Connecting the Pixel Watch to Google Fi offers a host of new features and options such as being able to call, text, or use data without needing a phone, which can be extremely useful. However, if the connected phone is turned off or out of coverage, the Pixel Watch may have difficulty sending or receiving texts, or may not work at all. It’s also worth noting that iPhone and iPad users can’t use Google Fi to use data, make calls, and send texts on the Pixel Watch.

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