How to Repair Your House in Coral Island


To repair the Player House in Coral Island, islanders must make a visit to the Carpenter shop after collecting a specific amount of Wood and Stone.

Within the first days of the protagonist’s stay in Coral Island, they will receive a letter from the local Carpenters discussing the materials required to repair the players’ homes. Reading this letter will trigger the Main Quest, “Home sweet home,” which tasks players with gathering Wood ×50 and Stone ×20. Islanders must explore the spacious field outside their front door to accomplish this objective. This area is rich in farming sim resources, including Stone and Wood, so players should ensure they have enough Inventory space.


To collect Wood, equip the Axe in the Toolbelt Hotbar at the bottom of the HUD. Next, select any log or tree in the field of the players’ farmland and chop it up to add stacks of Wood to the player character’s inventory. For Stone, islanders must equip their Pickaxe and break the round rocks mixed in with the logs and trees. After about 5 to 10 minutes of physical labor, players should be able to accumulate the Wood ×50 and Stone ×20 needed for their house’s repair in Coral Island.

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In the Carpenter’s friendly letter, the writer instructs the player to head over to the Carpenter shop located on the west side of Garden Lane. To reach this establishment, travel north of the Player House in this farming sim and take the first right. Then, follow the main trail slightly to the south to encounter the store, characterized by a large wooden cabin with a “Carpenter” sign on the front right.

Repairing The Player House In Coral Island

After entering the Carpenter’s shop, speak with Dinda, the woman standing behind the counter. In the dialogue options, choose “Upgrade House” to see a display of the current state of the Player House. Stage 0 should be available with only Style, costing the Wood ×50 and Stone ×20 gathered earlier. Since this is the first renovation of the players’ home, Dinda and her husband, Joko, will offer the repairs for free in Coral Island.

In a short cutscene, Dinda will call Joko to come out and start on the house repairs, after which the player character will teleport back to their renovated and slightly expanded one-room home in Coral Island. This scene will conclude the quest, “Home sweet home,” and reward participants with 100 Coin currency for this farming sim. Naturally, the upgrades following this repair will not be free and likely cost many more resources. This short and easy quest aims to teach players whom they can talk to for upgrading their home and how they can go about getting the process done in Coral Island.

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