How To Find (& Catch) Morelull in Pokémon GO


During the Festival of Lights event in October 2022, Pokémon GO Trainers are provided with multiple ways to find and catch the Grass-type Morelull.

One of the shortest Grass-type pocket monsters in Pokémon GO is the Morelull, a creature with a flower bud-shaped head with three pastel-colored mushrooms growing out of its crown. This charming little mushroom monster has made its debut during the ongoing Festival of Lights, an event that will last until October 17, 2022. While Trainers will have the opportunity to encounter Morelull after this October 2022 event in Pokémon GO, the Festival of Lights features an increased spawn rate for the tiny adorable mushroom.


Trainers can find and catch Morelull through multiple methods in Pokémon GO during the Festival of Lights. As mentioned above, Morelull will appear more frequently in the wild, meaning players have a high chance of encountering the mushroom pocket monster while walking around their neighborhood or nearby PokéStop and Gyms. Furthermore, any Incense used during the event will also attract Morelull to the users’ locations. Its CP will be relatively low, so players should be able to catch it using a simple Poké Ball. Still, remember to use Pinap Berries to increase the Candy gained from every catch.

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Eurogamer states that Pokémon GO Trainers can also receive a Morelull Wild Encounter reward for completing the Field Research Task, “Catch 15 Pokémon.” Furthermore, the Festival of Lights event‘s Timed Research Quest, “Hatch 2 Eggs,” will also grant players a guaranteed Morelull encounter.

Best Counters For Catching Morelull In Pokémon GO

Another way to find and catch Morelull in Pokémon GO is by defeating the small mushroom creature in 1-Star Raids that will occur during the Festival of Lights. As a Tier-1 Raid Boss, Morelull should pose no threat to any mid to high-level Trainer. On the other hand, low-level players and newcomers should consider equipping their team of combatants with the right counters to make their Raid go as smoothly as possible.

Morelull is a Grass- and Fairy-type Pokémon; as a result, it will be weak to Poison-, Flying-, Steel-, Fire-, and Ice-type Movesets. Poison, in particular, deals the most damage to this Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, making it the best element to face this creature. Pokebattler recommends the following Poison-type counters for Morelull in Pokémon GO:

Pokémon Best Moveset
  • Fast Move: Poison Jab
  • Charged Move: Sludge Bomb
  • Fast Move: Poison Jab
  • Charged Move: Sludge Bomb
  • Fast Move: Poison Jab
  • Charged Move: Sludge Bomb
  • Fast Move: Poison Jab
  • Charged Move: Sludge Bomb
  • Fast Move: Lick
  • Charged Move: Sludge Wave
  • Fast Move: Acid
  • Charged Move: Sludge Bomb
  • Fast Move: Acid
  • Charged Move: Gunk Shot

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