How To Control Your Kia EV With The Kia Connect App


The Kia Connect mobile application is a fascinating innovation that lets drivers do more with their smartphones, and electric vehicle owners can access many features using the app. Phone as a Key (PaaS) technology is becoming a household name in the automotive industry, with most automakers equipping their models with remote control services. For example, Hyundai’s Digital Key offers users complete access to their cars using a smartphone app. Also, Chevrolet owners can download the myChevrolet app to remotely unlock and lock their vehicles. Chevrolet EV owners can also use the ‘Energy Assist’ feature to find vital information like charge status and available range.


Like other car manufacturers, Kia has caught the EV bug and invested in producing electric models. Kia already has two EVs in the market, the Niro EV and EV6. The EV6 has been compared to the Tesla Model S, and though the latter comes with better features, the former has some admirable features. In addition, Kia has big electrification plans. One of them is selling up to 1.2 all-electric models by 2030. The South Korean automaker also intends to improve its connected car feature and deploy enhanced autonomous driving systems to future vehicles.

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Today, one of the factors consumers are likely to consider when shopping for a new car is the automaker’s mobile app and the available features. For instance, the Tesla mobile app can set the car’s temperature, control heating for the seats, honk the horn, set a preferred speed limit, and much more. Likewise, Kia claims the Connect App offers “a new level of comfort and control.” The app allows drivers to experience full remote access to their Kia, get regular diagnostic information about the car, initiate several functions using a smartphone, and enjoy an appealing user interface.

Kia Connect App’s Features

The Kia Connect App is available for download by Apple phones and Android-enabled devices. While the app serves all of Kia’s lineup of electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid and mild hybrid models, the focus is on battery-electric vehicles. With Battery Control, EV owners can remotely start, stop or even schedule charging to maximize their battery health. In addition, the app lets EV owners initiate, set and plan climate control before entering the car. It’s believed that EV batteries work best when subjected to the right temperature.

Valet Parking Mode informs drivers about their vehicles even when they aren’t currently driving them. If someone else is driving, Valet Parking Mode monitors the car’s location and compiles vital details like the driving time, distance and top speed. The Find My Car feature also ensures that drivers always know where their Kia is parked, even in large parking lots. Perhaps the only drawback is the app’s inability to provide users with information about charging stations. To access charging stations, Kia owners have to use the Kia Connected Services, which is integrated into the infotainment system. Interestingly, the FordPass and myChevrolet apps come with an online directory of public charging stations.

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