How To Beat Tinker Knight in Shovel Knight Dig


To complete the Smeltworks world in Shovel Knight Dig, players must confront and defeat Tinker Knight, an evil engineer with dangerous machinery.

Tinker Knight is the second boss players will face at the end of the Smeltworks in Shovel Knight Dig. As a former member of the Hexcavators, Tinker Knight is an exceptional engineer, capable of building contraptions that can devastate those who dare confront him. Now harnessing the power of molten rivers of lava, this boss begins the fight with a simple first phase that might trick Shovel Knight fans into thinking that the combat will be easy. However, Stage 2 of the boss fight turns the battle into a challenging platforming sequence.


During the first stage of the Tinker Knight boss fight in Shovel Knight Dig, the boss will get into his small drill-wielding aircraft. He then flies over Shovel Knight, dropping bombs from above while occasionally tossing a wrench. The best way to avoid these projectiles is by following the aircraft’s direction but staying slightly ahead of Tinker Knight. This technique enables players to always be ahead of the bombs’ landing spots in the arena. Next, the knight will frequently nosedive the player with his plane, during which combatants should execute a Shovel Drop when he is low enough to the ground.

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Phase 1 of the Tinker Knight boss fight in Shovel Knight Dig is incredibly easy. Once it is over, even Shovel Knight will celebrate the boss’s swift defeat. However, the ground will suddenly rumble, and the Tinker Knight’s true contraption of destruction will emerge from a rising pool of lava.

Defeating Tinker Knight In Shovel Knight Dig

Similar to the wrench-hurling mole-like enemies of Super Bros. 3, the Tinker Knight in Shovel Knight Dig will use the interior of his boat tank as cover while throwing wrenches at players. This stage of the fight turns into an intense game of whack-a-mole, as combatants will need to watch all seven hatches on the vehicle. While the bottom two are inaccessible, players must attack the Tinker Knight whenever he pops out or runs across the deck of the boat.

During the boss fight, the platforms will frequently sink into the lava. This leaves players with only a few spots to stand on while the Tinker Knight character in Shovel Knight Dig jumps out and tosses projectiles. Remember that it is better to tank a hit than dodge and fall into the molten pool below. Furthermore, using Shovel Drop as the primary way to attack Tinker Knight and avoid damage from his wrenches is the key to beating the boss’s second phase in Shovel Knight Dig.

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    Shovel Knight Dig brings players back into the world of indie Kickstarter success Shovel Knight in an all-new game with a unique twist. From the developers of Steamworld Dig and Shovel Knight, this new entry combines the elements of the two titles to create an action rogue-lite where players will jump, slash, and dig their way through an all-new game set in the Shovel Knight universe. When Shovel Knight is stirred from his slumber at a campsite due to his loot being stolen by Drill Knight, he grabs his trusty spade and pursues him underground. Players can play as either Shovel Knight or Shield Knight as they travel downwards in randomly generated levels where they’ll find loot and buy items to help them survive the more complex areas. In true roguelike fashion, some upgrades are permanent, but when players die, they’ll lose all their power-ups and currency. Shovel Knight Dig was released on September 23 2022.


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