How This Week’s Back To Back DWTS Live Shows Will Affect The Stars


Following Disney+ Night, the DWTS couples had been preparing for back-to-back live shows. Here’s how the double performances can affect the stars.

The Dancing With The Stars dancing duos prepared for back-to-back live shows this week. Although this is exciting for fans, it does have a major effect on the stars’ performances as well as their overall status in the competition. With two live shows come two separate performances for each duo.

Last week the stars took on Disney+ Night, this year’s take on the traditional Disney Night theme. While some Disney classics were still portrayed throughout the live show, other non-traditional Disney movies were featured as well. The theme focused on movies and shows that are available to stream on Disney+. At the conclusion of the night, Cheryl Burke and Sam Champion were eliminated from the competition.


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The Stars Will Perform Two Dances This Week

During Disney+ Night, it was announced that there would be two live shows this week. The back-to-back episodes brought some stress to the ballroom. The stars are used to rehearsing for just one performance a week. Now, they have spent the week learning and practicing for not just one but two completely different dances. As longtime viewers know, this newfound stress can cause some tension between stars and their pro partners.

In addition to the added stress of performing two dances this week, the dancing duos also had to worry about an additional elimination. This week’s back-to-back live shows each concluded with the elimination of one of the couples. Monday night, the celebrities reflected on their most memorable year. Then, on Tuesday night, the couples that survived elimination Monday took on Prom Night. The couple that was eliminated Monday night never got the chance to perform the second dance they rehearsed so hard for.

Performing a brand-new dance each and every week is tough enough for these celebrities who have no dance history. They were faced with the challenge of performing two brand-new dances in a matter of 24 hours. It was a week where some contestants will really shone through in the Dancing With The Stars ballroom while others fell to the bottom of the leaderboard.

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