How The Mole Combines Parts Of Survivor & The Amazing Race


The Mole has become a big hit on Netflix, and fans are comparing it to Survivor and The Amazing Race. It combines the best aspects of both shows.

Netflix’s latest competition show is The Mole, and fans love how it combines some of the best aspects of reality shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race. Fans immediately noticed the similarities between The Mole and its long-running counterparts. The Mole has an interesting past, as it is actually a reboot of a show with the same name that aired in the early 2000s and has been given new life on Netflix.

The show begins with 12 contestants dropped into a jungle in Australia, who are meeting each other for the very first time. They learned that they will be competing in challenges over the course of their time on The Mole that will earn them money in the pot, which one person will win in the end. The job of the mole is to sabotage their challenges and keep them from getting money, all without getting caught by the rest of the contestants. From rappelling down mountains, breaking out of jail cells, and robbing banks, The Mole manages to keep viewers and the contestants on their toes.


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The Mole Has Big Shoes To Fill Compared to Survivor & The Amazing Race

Survivor fans will immediately notice some similarities between it and The Mole. Besides the fact that beloved host Jeff Probst is not on the screen, all the contestants in a remote jungle competing in challenges while trying to battle the elements is straight out of Survivor’s playbook. The mental aspect of The Mole is also similar, as the bona fide castaways do not know who they can trust and are skeptical of everyone. While they have to rely on each other to perform the tasks and form alliances, they are also watching closely for any suspicious behavior.

While aspects of The Mole are akin to Survivor, many are reminiscent of The Amazing Race as well. Survivor is known for being filmed in one location, recently on the same beach in Fiji that houses the challenges, tribe camps, and Tribal Council. The Mole and The Amazing Race show the contestants traveling, though the former is based in Australia and the latter is known for globetrotting. The innovative challenges that The Amazing Race is known for, like building part of a Ducati motorcycle or memorizing the fashion from Italian photo shoots, can be found in similarly outlandish missions on The Mole as well.

Though there are similarities between the shows, The Mole has managed to distinguish itself among the reality competition powerhouses. The fact that every step forward they make to gain money, like running seven miles to beat a train to the station, can be undercut by one action taking it all away is a new element of the show. Their swift eliminations and creative challenges have drawn many viewers to the new show. Its release schedule on Netflix also builds anticipation, as the episodes are not all available at once.

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