How The Fox Force Five Were Hypocrites During The RHOBH Season 12 Reunion


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion kicked off with a bang on October 12, but while the housewives have the perfect opportunity to be open and honest, the Fox Force Five displayed several moments of hypocrisy. The group, which many RHOBH viewers consider to be an alliance, is made up of Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Girardi, Lisa Rinna, and former housewife Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. The Fox Force Five have been criticized for bullying and harassing their co-stars—Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, and Crystal Kung Minkoff—since RHOBH season 12 premiered in May, with the Fox Force Five also supported by new housewife Sanela Diana Jenkins.


Between Kyle’s sister, Kathy Hilton allegedly having an epic meltdown in Aspen and Garcelle’s son, Jax, being targeted on Instagram, host Andy Cohen has dozens of questions to get through during the three-part RHOBH season 12 reunion. While Garcelle’s son and Crystal’s eating disorder were touched on during the first episode, the Fox Force Five made several hypocritical comments while discussing or defending their positions throughout the season. Here are some of the biggest transgressions from part one of the reunion, and how Kyle, Dorit, Erika, and Lisa lacked introspection.

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Kyle Richards Blaming Her Behavior On Alcohol

Kyle has been a Beverly Hills housewife since season 1, but viewers have been calling for Kyle to finally get the boot after displaying several problematic behaviors on RHOBH season 12. From laughing at Erika yelling at Garcelle’s son, Jax, to accusing Sutton of faking two miscarriages, Kyle has stirred the pot before crying when directly involved in drama for several seasons. Kyle’s manipulation tactics were briefly addressed during the first part of the RHOBH season 12 reunion, which she blamed on her alcohol consumption. However, it’s ironic that Kyle would use drinking as an excuse for her behavior when she has staunchly advocated for the housewives to take accountability for their actions in the past, regardless of inebriation. In addition, Kyle outed her sister Kim Richards as an alcoholic at the end of RHOBH season 1 and only defended Kim a handful of times afterwards.

Lisa Rinna & Erika Girardi Asking For Honesty

Erika and Lisa have both withheld the truth several times as housewives, such as Erika recounting Tom Girardi’s car accident on RHOBH season 11 and Lisa gossiping about Kim Richards on RHOBH season 7. Lisa and Erika were closer than ever on RHOBH season 12 and teamed up against Kathy after Aspen, but despite their accusations of a shocking meltdown, they refused to reveal what Kathy actually said. Although Lisa and Erika both lack transparency, they still criticized Crystal during the RHOBH season 12 reunion for not providing details of her “dark” conversation with Sutton. The duo implored Crystal to be honest, and while they were technically correct, Erika and Lisa shouldn’t ask others to mention everything since they won’t do the same.

The Fox Force Five (& Andy Cohen) Making Fun Of Millennials

While Crystal’s RHOBH season 12 co-stars are in their early to late 50s, Crystal is the baby of the group at 39. The other housewives have commented on Crystal’s age difference since she joined the cast, and during the RHOBH season 12 reunion, Andy and the Fox Force Five attempted to invalidate Crystal’s feelings by calling her a “dramatic millennial.” While Crystal’s co-stars may not agree with her choice of words, the RHOBH season 12 housewives calling Crystal “dramatic” is completely hypocritical considering their various meltdowns throughout the season. Honorable mentions go to Kyle breaking down over Dorit not coming to her shopping event, Erika throwing a drunken tantrum in Aspen while discussing the Lion Air crash victims, and Lisa claiming she would “get cancer and die,” if she didn’t talk about Kathy. While Crystal had her moments on RHOBH season 12, the sole millennial of the group was arguably one of the calmest.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

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