How Powerful Is Werewolf By Night Compared To Other MCU Characters?


Warning: Spoilers for Werewolf by Night

How well Jack Russell fought in Werewolf By Night raises questions about how he would stack up against the heroes and villains of the MCU. With a combination of quickness and brutality, the MCU’s first-ever werewolf easily tore through Versussa Bloodstone’s henchmen at the end of the Halloween special. Clearly, the MCU’s Werewolf by Night is a force to be reckoned with.

Considering that this supernatural beast now exists in the MCU, it’s worth wondering how he compares to the other characters that occupy this world. The fight in Werewolf by Night’s ending didn’t clearly define his limitations, but what he was able to do suggests that his physical capabilities are on par with his comic counterpart. In The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15, it was established that the enhanced strength that Jack had in his werewolf form was below the level of Spider-Man but above that of Moon Knight. In other words, Jack outclasses most human characters but is a long way from being an MCU heavyweight.


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MCU Characters Werewolf by Night Could Fight

Jack doesn’t have enough raw power to take down MCU powerhouses in the vein of Thor, Hercules, Hulk, or Captain Marvel, but there certainly are heroes in Marvel’s world that he could match up against. Not only does Werewolf by Night’s Jack Russell boast the strength needed to lift cars and break through steel, but he also has a few other tools in his arsenal that would make him a challenging adversary for a long list of MCU heroes and villains. With his superhuman agility, sharp claws, and speed, it’s not hard to imagine Werewolf by Night putting up a fight (and possibly winning) against Spider-Man, Captain America, Shang-Chi, and every member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

As a beast who operates on a killer instinct, Werewolf by Night possesses a savagery that would make him a threat to most of his enemies. The comic book character, in fact, once fought Iron Man to a stalemate and even managed to do severe harm to Tony Stark’s armor with his powerful claws and a relentless onslaught of attacks. As a vicious, animalistic killer that rarely holds back in battle, Jack should be counted as one of the MCU’s most formidable fighters and arguably a character superior to most (if not all) of Marvel’s street-level heroes.

Will Werewolf By Night Ever Meet Any MCU Heroes?

With no additional appearances for Gael Garcia Bernal’s Jack Russell confirmed for the remainder of the Multiverse Saga, it’s unclear if Werewolf by Night’s power will ever be tested against any of the big-name heroes of the MCU. But, a crossover shouldn’t be ruled out. As a character from the supernatural corner of the Marvel Universe, Jack could work well in a story like Blade, where he could potentially meet or briefly team up with Mahershala Ali’s Eric Brooks. Alternatively, he could help fill out the roster of the Midnight Sons if and when Marvel ever decides to make its supernatural superhero team. If that were to happen, Marvel could use this as an opportunity to explore the possibility of Werewolf by Night’s Jack Russell coming to blows with someone like Moon Knight or Black Knight.

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