House Of The Dragon: Rhaenyra’s Biggest Lies, Ranked By Ridiculousness


Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the HBO show House of the Dragon.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen is the heir to the Iron Throne and a fierce Dragonrider in House of the Dragon. She’s a complex character who has both flaws and impressive qualities, which she will need for the highly anticipated finale that’s set to premiere on October 23.

Among her more questionable traits are her tendency to lie, keep secrets, or betray others to get what she wants. Some of her lies are ridiculous enough that no one in Westeros truly believes them, which include her statements about her children’s true father and involvement in Ser Laenor’s supposed death.


7/7 Lied To The King About Daemon

Following Set Otto Hightower’s accusation, Viserys confronts Daemon who exaggerates the events during his night out with Rhaenyra. When it’s the Princess’ turn, she laments about how the King doesn’t even ask her “the truth of what happened,” pointing out that it’s “a lie” not worth disinheriting her for.

Viserys wisely underscores that “the truth does not matter,” as “only perception” does. Rhaenyra doesn’t have to weave a tall tale about her complicated relationship with Daemon, which doesn’t give her much of a chance to practice her poker face while telling her father a ridiculous lie.

6/7 Lied To Everyone About Ser Criston

When she’s left in the brothel by Rhaenyra, she rushes back to the Red Keep and invites Ser Criston Cole back to her room. Little did the Princess know then that Criston would become a huge headache, as he’s not the best at keeping secrets.

Rhaenyra, however, has no problem with keeping her affair with Criston to herself, even when it’s time for her to take the Throne. It’s a dangerous risk that she takes for the sake of pleasure, and one that comes back to haunt her in the future. That said, there’s nothing outrageous about what she did with Criston, as she wouldn’t be the first royal character to have a secret lover.

5/7 Lied To The King About Taking Syrax

Tired of being “the King’s cupbearer,” Rhaenyra decides to prove her worth and strength by defying her father’s plan and taking Syrax to Dragonstone. She believes she’s the only one who can retrieve the dragon egg from Daemon without any bloodshed, which everyone soon sees to be true.

While it’s not a direct lie, Rhaenyra’s defiant act is certainly not something Viserys would have authorized. It’s a bit preposterous to believe word didn’t immediately reach him after Rhaenyra stormed off with Syrax from the Dragonpit. That deceit could have gone wrong in a second, but it’s satisfying to see it pay off instead.

4/7 Lied To Alicent About The Night At The Brothel

One of Rhaenyra’s most shocking decisions in the show so far happens when Alicent confronts her about her night out with Daemon, as she chooses to lie to her former best friend. Alicent asks her if she really “f**ked Daemon in a pleasure house,” which Rhaenyra calls “a vile accusation,” falsely claiming that “Daemon never touched” her.

She’s only telling a half-truth, which she reinforces by swearing to Alicent “upon the memory of” her “mother,” Aemma. It’s a brazen attempt at evading the consequences should she have admitted what she and Daemon did that night, but it is worth noting that she is being honest when she denies having slept with him.

3/7 Lied To Her Children About Their Father

While it’s obvious to everyone else that Ser Harwin Strong is the father of Rhaenyra’s first three sons, this isn’t immediately clear to the young kids at that time. Jacaerys or Jace is the first to recognize that Harwin is his actual father, but Rhaenyra continues to lie to the other two (and everyone else) about this plain fact.

There’s undoubtedly a lot of confusion and doubt going on among the three boys, especially considering how Jace is essentially sworn to secrecy by his mother. It’s a messed up thing to subject her children to and the kind of lie that’s bound to be exposed.

2/7 Lied About Ser Laenor’s Death

It was easy to see that Ser Laenor had to die so that Rhaenyra and Daemon’s partnership could be formalized. In the process, Rhaenyra would cast doubt on her House in Rhaenys’ and her granddaughters’ eyes, but it’s something the Princess is willing to bear for the sake of her claim to the Iron Throne.

She tricked everyone and lied to Rhaenys about Laenor’s death, secretly sending him away to where he can fully embrace who he is without the pressure of politics and family. It’s one of Rhaenyra’s biggest lies yet, and is something that is unlikely to be uncovered considering how it was planned and executed. It’s an outrageous one in the way it rids Rhaenys of her remaining child, and so soon after Laena’s death, too.

1/7 Lied To Everyone About Her Children

Of course, Rhaenyra’s wildest and most ridiculous lie continues to be around the legitimacy of her first three sons. It has been questioned more than once, and she continues to firmly assert that they are Laenor’s children.

This lie has directly or indirectly disrupt or cost some people their lives, including Ser Harwin and Lyonel and Vaemond Velaryon. It will be interesting to see if it will come up again now that Viserys isn’t around to protect her from the accusations, especially since the finale will revolve around her fight against the Greens for the Iron Throne.

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