House of the Dragon Episode 9 Images Show The Greens Scheming


House of the Dragon episode 9 images show Alicent and the Greens scheming to steal the Iron Throne from Rhaenyra after the death of King Viserys.

House of the Dragon episode 9 images show Alicent and the Greens scheming to steal the throne. Based on George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, House of the Dragon has so far chronicled the events leading up to the Targaryen civil war of succession known as the Dance of the Dragons. The conflict truly begins in House of the Dragon episode 1 when King Viserys names his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, as his rightful heir to the Iron Throne. In subsequent episodes, Viserys stands by his decision, even after the birth of his sons, Aegon and Aemond.


After House of the Dragon episode 8 underwent yet another time jump, the King’s health was revealed to have declined rapidly due to his mysterious illness that eats away at his flesh. On his deathbed, a misunderstanding between Viserys and Alicent about Aegon’s the Conqueror’s dream, i.e., the Prince That Was Promised prophecy, leads the Queen to believe their son, Prince Aegon, shall inherit the Iron Throne in place of Rhaenyra. Shortly after, Viserys succumbs to his sickness and dies, leaving behind a realm on the cusp of civil war.

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Now, several House of the Dragon episode 9 images reveal some scheming is ahead. HBO released a total of nine images from season 1’s penultimate episode, which is titled “The Green Council” in reference to the faction of House Targaryen and their loyalists who support the ascent of Aegon as King. Check out the new images below:

What The House of the Dragon Episode 9 Images Reveal

Most importantly, the House of the Dragon images reveal the episode’s titular green council, which convenes after the King’s death. This is where Alicent announces her intention to install Aegon on the Iron Throne, with Lord Beesbury seemingly the only one present to call the Green’s scheming out for what it is – treason. Another image reveals an interesting scene as Alicent stands over the King’s wrapped corpse. In the book, Alicent concealed the King’s death for a full week to give the Greens a head start on securing Aegon’s seat on the Iron Throne. Within that timeframe, Alicent forbade the septons and the silent sisters from embalming the King’s body, which naturally began to decay.

Note that Rhaenyra or Daemon isn’t present in any of the House of the Dragon episode 9 images. The two have likely already returned to Dragonstone and won’t receive news of the King’s death until the formal announcement. Overall, the House of the Dragon episode 9 images feel like the calm before the storm, though the events that place will be crucial in shaping the Dance of the Dragons, potentially setting the stage for a fiery season 1 finale.

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