House Of The Dragon: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Aemond Targaryen


Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the HBO show House of the Dragon.

Aemond Targaryen has transformed a lot over the course of the first season of House of the Dragon. Also known as Aemond One-Eye, the divisive character has been both praised for his determination and criticized for his cruelty.

One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of hilarious memes that reflect Aemond’s unique personality, major actions, and complicated relationships on the show. With the series finale just around the corner (set to premiere on October 23), it’s the perfect time to explore some gut-busting memes that sum up Aemond’s complex character.


Aemond One-Eye

Following Aemond’s daring action with Vhagar, he’s confronted by Rhaenyra and Laena’s children, who point out that he has stolen what’s rightfully theirs. Aemond’s callous words and lack of remorse soon lead to a fight that costs him his eye, just as Helaena once warned.

A humorous meme points out the unfortunate result of what Aemond deems “a fair trade,” as he loses an eye after gaining a dragon. It soon becomes a signature look that’s inextricably linked with his character. It’s worth noting that he’s called Aemond One-Eye in the books, as well.

Proud Of His Family

Aemond has never been one to hold back or mince words, even when it’s clearly inappropriate to ruin the moment. This is exactly what happens during the last meaningful family dinner with King Viserys, as after he departs, Aemond gives an infuriating toast mocking his cousins’ legitimacy.

A comedic meme captures Aemond’s talent to annoy everyone in the room with his disrespectful way with words. By calling his nephews the “Strong boys,” he’s referencing the fact that their actual father is the late Ser Harwin Strong. His lack of care and clear contempt for his own family is obvious here.

Free To Claim

After Lady Laena’s tragic demise, only Aemond quickly considers the fact that Vhagar has no rider. Vhagar is the largest and most powerful living dragon on the show, which motivates Aemond to risk his life by claiming him while everyone else is asleep.

A gut-busting meme underscores the bold move by the young Prince, who was bullied by his siblings because of his lack of a dragon. In hindsight, it makes sense that Aemond would jump at the opportunity to fix this, and with the biggest dragon that exists, no less.

Always Ignored

Aemond’s new dragon comes at a high price, as an ensuing confrontation between him and the other children leaves him with only one eye. Queen Alicent unsurprisingly rushes to take his side in the even bigger argument between the adults, but Viserys is more concerned with keeping the peace than getting even.

A silly meme reflects the kind of parenting Aemond gets from his father, as Viserys has clearly always favored Rhaenyra. He quickly sides with her and berates Aemond for questioning the legitimacy of her sons, which proves just how little his missing eye matters to the King.

A Sudden Change

Despite being a wily and often cruel character, Aemond’s older version has gained him a loyal fanbase. There’s a lot of support for Aemond, particularly after he lost his eye. Fans are quick to point out that Aemond’s actions may be evil, but they’re entertaining.

An amusing meme contrasts the annoying young version of Aegon with the current cunning version of Aemond. He may be the second-born son who is unlikely to ever sit on the Throne, but he has gained fans and made a name for himself through his mysterious and seemingly intelligent character.

Amoral But Supported

Aemond is clearly among the most villainous characters in HotD, but this hasn’t stopped some fans from praising and supporting his character. This is especially confusing considering how mean he has been to his peers, and how easy it is to see that he’s an antagonist in the show.

An entertaining meme captures this contentious support for Aemond, who has yet to prove that he is worthy of it. At best, he’s a well-written villain who will undoubtedly be instrumental in the near future, but fans have certainly not seen the worst of him yet.

The Upgrade

Recent interactions between Aemond and Daemon have caused the fandom to deem them rivals, with their similarities and villainous ways being compared through debates and memes. The competition between the two is uneven, as Aemond is much younger and has little experience compared to Daemon.

A funny meme hints at the possibility that Aemond could be a better character in the future. It’s a direct reference to the moment Daemon steps in during the family dinner and stares at Aemond, either in admiration or contempt.

Questionable Parenting

Alicent’s relationship with her children has always been a questionable one, as she often treats them more like pawns than kids who need love and guidance. She’s especially hard on Aegon, as she has obviously been grooming him for the Iron Throne. This leaves the other kids, like Aemond, to their own devices.

A sidesplitting meme pokes fun at the unequal treatment Aegon and Aemond get from Alicent (and Otto). Aemond isn’t as valuable as Viserys’ firstborn, so there’s not as much pressure on him to be the perfect potential heir.

A New Favorite

The time jump that reveals Aemond’s older character took some fans by surprise, as there’s a huge change from his younger version. Aemond showcases what he’s been up to, as well, as he has become an excellent swordsman, an intelligent student of history and philosophy, and still a shady relative.

All of these changes have turned him into a fan favorite for some viewers, who don’t mind supporting the antagonists in the series. Aemond’s impressive work on himself and the air of mystery around his character continue to make him a hot topic on various platforms.

Love-Hate Relationship

The scene that cements the competitive spirit between Aemond and Daemon is the one where Vaemond loses his head in front of the Iron Throne. Aemond looks impressed by and perhaps even jealous of Daemon’s brazen action, likely seeing the villainous traits in himself reflected in that murder.

A comical meme emphasizes Aemond’s newfound respect or curiosity around Daemon, whose attention and future actions now matter to him. Their messy relationship will hopefully be explored further in the finale, where they could clash when Rhaenyra takes back what’s hers.

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