House Of The Dragon: 10 Best Power Couples In The Show


The finale of House Of The Dragon airs on October 23rd, bringing an end to the first epic season. This first season set the scene for the epic civil war within the Targaryen house between Rhaenyra and Aegon.

Throughout this season, the great houses featured in this show have been developed and rounded, mainly through the lenses of the couples that take center stage. There are many couples within this first season that have shaped the plotline and divided the alliances leading up to the great war. Many of them hold incredible power in the realm.


Viserys And Aemma

King Viserys’ relationship with Aemma was one his most important, despite the fact that the first queen only lived through one episode of season 1. Though Alicent gets far more screen time than Aemma, it’s clear that Viserys was happier with his first wife.

Viserys expresses his love for Aemma repeatedly following her death, and even accidentally called Alicent by her name, proving the admiration he had for Aemma was unmatched. This power couple was seen sharing intimate moments together before her death. They portrayed a deep understanding of one another and also shared their concerns about Rhaenyra and her place within the kingdom.

Laenor And Joffrey

Laenor and Joffrey were not only one of the most wholesome couples in the series but are one of the few that showed a clear and deep love for one another. Following Laenor’s engagement with Rhaenyra, the two didn’t let his responsibilities prevent them from being together.

This power couple recognized the disadvantage their love had within their society, especially considering Laenor’s responsibilities, but decided to work with the hand they were dealt. Joffrey was perfectly content to continue to be Laenor’s lover as long as that meant the two could still be together. Had he known how unhinged Ser Criston was, his death could have been avoided, and he would have been a valued supporter of Laenor and Rhaenyra.

Daemon And Mysaria

It was made clear that Daemon only used Mysaria to anger his brother after he was disinherited, taking her to Dragonstone and bolstering his intent to marry her and have children with her despite her common-born status.

This power couple didn’t last long, but it worked to create further conflict and build both of their characters. Had Mysaria not had her experience with Daemon, she likely wouldn’t have evolved into the infamous White Worm. And despite their quick separation, Mysaria continues to aid Daemon while he is being irresponsible in King’s Landing, protecting him while also ensuring powerful people like him are indebted to her.

Daemon And Laena

Daemon and Laena were one of the most wholesome couples, despite their faults. It was clear that Daemon cared about his wife, and their children, though he was dismissive of her desire to go back to Driftmark with their family.

This power couple was seen as a married couple for the first time after the major time jump riding their dragons together. They both had a clear love for being a dragonrider and fighting spirits. Daemon proved he had a lot of respect for Laena when he refused to allow the Maesters of Pentos to give her a deadly C-Section – a kindness even Viserys did not give to his beloved Aemma.

Laenor And Qarl

After losing Joffrey, the viewers see Laenor find happiness again with another lover, Qarl. Though Laenor is seen still grieving over his first love many years later, he’s seen happiest when he’s able to be with someone he can truly love.

Qarl and Laenor prove to be one of the most epic power couples when Qarl assists Laenor in faking his own death to escape the restrictive nature of Laenor’s position in society. Qarl proves not only to be a loyal companion in the complex game of the courts but helps his lover escape the dangers that come with it before war can ensue and put his life in jeopardy.

Viserys And Alicent

Though Viserys clearly had a special love for his first wife, his marriage with Alicent Hightower gave him one thing he always wanted: a son. The king’s relationship with Alicent set up the storyline of this series for a deadly sibling rivalry between Aegon and Rhaenyra.

However, even before Alicent had her children, she proved she cared about Viserys. This power couple turned the tides on allegiances in the show, pushing allies into either Rhaenyra or Alicent’s corner.

Rhaenyra And Laenor

Rhaenyra and Laenor were married through an arrangement between their fathers. Though they never had any real interest in being with each other, the two grew close throughout the years together and built a strong friendship with mutual respect.

Even though Rhaenyra’s children weren’t really Laenor’s biologically, he accepted their situation and never seemed to despise the fact her three boys carried his last name and would inherit his birthright. One of Rhaenyra’s most shocking decisions was plotting to fake Laenor’s death, but it proved they both had enough respect for one another to know what the other needed.

Alicent And Larys

Alicent and Larys Strong do not have a romantic relationship, but their strange alliance has proven to be one of the most powerful and strategic in the show thus far. Larys first proved how loyal he was to the queen when he arranged to have Harwin and Lyonel Strong, his brother and father, murdered.

Though these two do not have a sexual relationship, the scene featuring the two of them in the ninth episode proved the two of them have a disturbing bond in which Alicent shows Larys her feet for his sexual gratification. At this point, it’s clear the two of them have a relationship in which they both give and take to ensure their side remains in power.

Rhaenys And Corlys

Corlys Velaryon has made some mistakes as a parent, but he has still proven that he has a strong dedication to his family and his wife Rhaenys in particular. These two are often seen weighing the costs of their decisions and how it would heighten their family’s status.

Though Rhaenys didn’t agree with Coryls’ decision to have Laenor marry Rhaenyra, both of them have chosen to stand beside the children that carry their name even though they know Laenor’s children are not truly their blood. While Corlys is currently absent in the plotline, Rhaenys had made it clear she’s not going to dishonor her husband by siding with people that would threaten their house’s power.

Rhaenyra And Daemon

Rhaenyra and Daemon have been through many trials over the years, but it has been clear since early on that the two had romantic feelings for one another. After the “death” of Laenor Velaryon, these two were finally able to make their relationship official with marriage.

Despite King Viserys’ efforts to keep his brother away from Rhaenyra, the connection between these two proved to be an undeniable force. As Rhaenyra pointed out recently, and Daemon pointed out to Viserys, the two of them together create a bond within the Targaryen family that strengthens their house against enemies.

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