Hilarious Elden Ring Halloween Mod Makes The Game Spookier Than Ever


A Halloween-themed Elden Ring mod transforms the game by adjusting its atmosphere, enemies, and even its bosses with spooky pumpkin heads and more.

As Halloween draws near, a new mod is making Elden Ring more spooky for the holiday. FromSoftware’s latest game continues to entertain players with its difficult gameplay and mysterious secrets. While fans continue to await any update on Elden Ring‘s much-anticipated DLC, modders have been adding content and adjusting how the game can be played.

An incredibly active modding community has transformed Elden Ring in interesting and exciting ways. The first annual Elden Ring modathon contest saw many talented modders compete for a cash prize. The competition tasked submitters with producing cursed creations and reworking the game’s aspects. Some reskin mods have given certain Elden Ring bosses humorous make-overs, and with Halloween approaching, certain mods are starting to transform the dark and imposing game into something even spookier.


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The Ultimate Halloween Mod transforms Elden Ring‘s enemies and atmosphere to fit the time of year. Its creator, talented modder Garden of Eyes posted a look at the mod on their YouTube channel. The mod grants players a special talisman that, once equipped, transforms the world’s enemies into ghosts and places Jack-o’-lanterns on their heads. In the video below, some of the game’s most epic bosses can be seen wearing the silly pumpkin heads, making them less intimidating, at least visually. Players can download the mod through Garden of Eyes‘ Patreon page.

Trick Or Treating In Elden Ring’s Lands Between

Some players feel bad about not finishing Elden Ring. The Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, and other games from Hidetaka Miyazaki’s team are often vast and challenging, which can drive some away. Still, after several patches and updates, the game’s world may feel more welcoming than ever. Some mods from Garden of Eyes have added unique bosses and popular characters to Elden Ring. Other mods have made the game easier and more accessible with improved co-op mechanics, making exploring the intimidating Lands Between less stressful.

Some of Elden Ring‘s latest updates suggest that DLC for the game might be announced soon. Many popular theories indicate that players could explore the game’s past events and witness some of its cast of characters at the height of their power. Regardless of the content that does get featured in what could be multiple Elden Ring DLCs, Garden of Eyes and other talented modders are helping players experience new content of their own in FromSoftware’s latest title.

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Source: Garden of Eyes/YouTube, Garden of Eyes/Patreon


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