Hell Let Loose Engineer Guide: How To Build Defenses Effectively


Engineers are one of fourteen different playable roles currently available in Hell Let Loose, whose primary goal is to capture and hold defend areas for the team. Hell Let Loose is a realistic first-person shooter set during World War II that has been highly popular since its Early Access release in 2018. Although the multiplayer aspect of the game is more complex than first-person shooters from previous years, players seem to be blown away by the game’s realistic sound effects and graphics, which make them feel like they’re part of the action.


Game developers have translated the original WWII battlefields into 1:1 scale replicas within Hell Let Loose, so players will feel like they’re actually a soldier in a historic battle. Hell Let Loose gameplay consists of two teams of 50 players attempting to conquer sections of the map and out-maneuver their enemy. From the Barracks, players can choose from various Infantry positions, all of whom have different equipment to help their team through multiple strategies.

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The Engineer is armed with a standard-issue rifle, an anti-personnel mine, an anti-tank mine, a wrench, and a bandage and specializes in placing fuel, manpower, and munitions nodes throughout the map to aid in the capture of different objectives. The strategy for an Engineer is to place mines and defensive structures in tactical locations for both an offensive and defensive advantage. Engineers in Hell Let Loose should also collect supplies in locations where garrisons are not needed.

How to Build Effective Defenses With an Engineer in Hell Let Loose

One of the most effective explosives in Hell Let Loose is a Satchel, which Engineers can use to destroy enemy defense structures, nodes, garrisons, airheads, supplies, outposts, light tanks, and some heavy tanks. The satchel explodes in a 25m radius, ignores wall collision, and will most likely destroy anything caught in it. Engineer players can use the Satchel Charge to eliminate enemy threats and increase their team’s chance of conquering the enemy’s map sections.

In addition to destroying the enemy’s mines and defense structures, Engineers can also place their own devices around the map. Antipersonnel Mines can be strategically placed by Engineers both inside and out to prevent enemy soldiers from storming friendly locations. Antitank Mines can also be placed around the map in vehicle-populated areas to take out enemy tanks in Hell Let Loose and dwindle enemy reinforcements. Engineer players need to remember that their mines cannot be triggered by contact with allied players, but friendly bullets and explosives can set them off.

Engineers in Hell Let Loose can use their wrench to create templates for defensive structures; granted, there are enough supplies nearby. However, once an Engineer has placed the template for a structure, any player with a Hammer can aid in the construction of the structure, and their team can use it. Barbed wire is an example of a defensive structure that can be placed near entrances to buildings or in front of fortifications to slow the advance of enemy infantry.

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To aid in their team’s defense, Engineers in the multiplayer mode of Hell Let Loose can also defend Bunkers, which are underground shelters that can protect allies from artillery fire in areas with minimal cover. Barricades are another type of fortification that Engineers can strategically place in areas with minimal cover. Barricades can also be used to extend cover around Bunker complexes. Bunkers and Barricades can be upgraded by players with a Hammer for different amounts of Supplies. A fully upgraded Bunker or Barricade (level 3) is the strongest defense a team can have.

Engineers in the American and German squadrons of Hell Let Loose also have class-specific structures they can create with enough Supplies. For example, American Engineers can create a template for a Hedgehog, while Soviet Engineers in Hell Let Loose can create a template for a Belgian Gate. Both devices can be placed along roadways to block the passage of vehicles, although Belgian Gates can also be used to block off large openings in walls to prevent the ingress of enemy infantry.

While their defensive structures are keeping out enemy units, Engineers can take an opportunity to create nodes in the hopes of giving their team further advantage. Like defensive structures, Engineers need to create a template for a node so that another player with a Hammer can construct it with the required supplies. Nodes can only be built within friendly territory (including the HQ territory) but will not remain if the enemy captures the territory.

Building proper defenses as an Engineer requires prior preparation and foresight. For example, preventing enemy soldiers from advancing on a player’s territory allows allied Infantry Riflemen in Hell Let Loose to push enemy lines while mines and nodes create further battle advantages. The challenge for players is that building defenses take time, so players must strategize accordingly. Engineers also need to communicate with their team about the locations of their templates so allies with Hammers can help build defenses as quickly as possible.

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